what does it mean, remission?  Some say there is NO cure… Some say, we who have Lyme can only ever hope for remission…

So what do you hope for.. once you’ve entered IN to “remission”

You hope for… colds that don’t turn into pneumonia….

You hope to slowly build up your immune system so you don’t exit “remission”…

You just hope, and pray…

and ENJYOY “remission” for the time you have it…

but when symptoms… weird odd symptoms happen..

what do you do then?

do you just ASSUME that it’s Lyme?  

Assume that you’ve exited, or are exiting “remission”?

Or do you do what you’ve ALWAYS done, and rule things out…

putting lyme ON the table, but… choose NOT to assume?

tricky right?

one must be thoughtful, prayerful, watchful.

but on must never lose hope…

so grab hold, tightly,

because LIFE is an adventure…

and if you are reading this..






Trust in the Lord

and Enjoy the Adventure…

as YOU can… 

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Light… and darkness …

They can play with our eyes.. spectrums of color, are much like life…

Red, brown, yellow, gold, orange, twinkling before me every day through my Japanese Maple tree…

Life here is busy, full.. much like this picture..

There are HARD things happening.. really difficult things… Yet our health IS improving.. slowly, steadily, we are progressing in our HEALTH MARCH.. We can DO so many more things. it’s rather shocking…

Last summer… I barely got off the couch, or saw the blessings get off the couch… the suffering from lyme disease was SO tremendous.. The pool was green most of the time, the garden Utterly overgrown and forgotten.. WHEN we had any energy, we’d weedwack it ALL and mow the lawn.. which .. was not nearly enough I confess…

otherwise it was bed, couch, sleep, meds, doctors, more doctors, and still more doctors…

This summer, is plenty of pool time, in a beautiful BLUE blue, utterly clear pool… (shocking)

The yard is not only lovely, but we have a garden of veggies growing… The kids worked on their fort, and are STILL working on it, improving it, painting it… So many projects… simply lovely…

Are there struggles? YES.. but less and less to do with Lyme..

What made the difference? Prayer.. honestly.. we prayed.. prayed a LOT, about things like HOW much worse we were getting doing the Lyme treatments as it stood… How broke we were, and how difficult it was getting for Machine Man to work at his job… HOW hard it was getting to buy food… living on such a restricted diet DOES require creativity, but also energy and money… so… we prayed.. like any follower of Christ, we pleaded for direction.. healing… HOPE…

Were we not praying before this?  oh YES we were.. but we remained steadfast in our prayers.. Prayed more, prayed harder… instead of knocking on the door.. we began banging.. and in unison… Crying OUT louder.. and not stopping… I don’t think it was the volume.. of the frequency.. but the steadfastness… the NOT stopping… the willingness to overcome, and still to WAIT on God for an answer… Wait.. and not quit… Wait, and still HOPE

The Lord laid a neat book in our path, I have mentioned it before.. Lyme Disease and Modern Chinese Medicine…by Dr. Zhang.. It’s book nearly SANG to me… after a year of praying about it.. as many of you know, we finally just WENT to NY City, and met the man, the doctor, the healer God was going to use in our lives…

Are we healed?  no… not YET. but we ARE healing, and we feel it, and see it in one another every day… it’s rather exciting.. rather … shocking…

because in the Lyme community.. there is often little HOPE.. little words of “healing”… there is much despair… but then… when one has been SO ill..for SO long… it’s hard not to despair…

my Lord Jesus… He tells me I need not despair.. my HOPE is in my Lord.. and so I want to encourage you.. What EVER ails you… keep praying… don’t stop… fear not.. and do NOT despair!  The Lord HE is God… and he does not withhold good things for you.. God works ALL things for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose…

Jesus teaches very plainly that we should set our thoughts, our mind on Heaven… and heavenly things… not that we should ignore HERE.. or today.. or our LIFE.. because our lives here today are gifts from HIM… we should focus.. prioritize our thoughts, taking every thought captive to put the things of Heaven first in our minds… taking that into consideration when thinking about “our lives here today”…

how?  well prayer is a great way… asking the questions … and then seeking the answers..

where?  In HIS book.. the Holy Bible (it contains 66 books in it.. some big, some very small.. each one an amazing read and very accurate when recording history, very true in regards to humanity, and perfectly lovely when poetry, because it deals with my heart.. our hearts.. in such an honest way)

When? anytime, your time is not the same as Gods.. He is ALWAYS available for you..James 4:8 says “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you”…

Why do YOU have to make the first move?  you don’t… HE already did.. the cross.. His son.. the gifts ALREADY there for you.. the story as to WHY, he made certain it was on paper in a language you can read..laying it in the hearts of His people to do HIS work.. now.. the ball is in your court.. (except.. it’s not a ball.. it’s your.. forever.. your… life)

all that to say…


and all we did was pray.. we followed strong promptings, and every step was confirmed.. NOTHING in the treatment is off, or makes any of us uncomfortable… or ill.. it is ALL good…

We are in the third phase of our treatment.. and excited for our new meds to arrive in the mail… eagerly watching the post

We are hiking, bike riding, swimming.. YES the house is messy MOST of the days… but it gets clean… dishes GET done, laundry.. ugh.. it is STILL my thorn…

but.. we FEEL alive again.. regardless of the other things happening in our life.

How are YOU feeling.. Do you need prayer?  Do you get tired of not only BEING ill, but the deep despair in your community.. Perhaps you don’t have lyme, but suffer from another chronic illness…

you need not despair.. there IS hope.. it’s in the Lord…

YOU are loved.. more than you can imagine.. “for God so LOVED the world, He gave His only begotton son….”


it is for you.. praying for your healing.. and

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so, we first started this blog, as a place to journal our journey through Lyme disease, and what ever other health issues arise.  We decided to make it open, to the public, YOU, because we collectively thought it might be a blessing to someone, some bit of research.. here or there, might really help… We thought of how many blogs helped us, find links to good research, and provided helpful insights, of WHAT to watch for, What to do, or better still NOT do with certain conditions.. We often read through other peoples blogs, when feeling down, and found reading another perspective really .. well HELPFUL..

So, THAT is why this is an open blog.. we are NOT doctors.. we are JUST a family.. Our journey may not look like yours.. our choices may not be yours.. but.. THAT is ok 😉

Today.. here in THIS post.. I want to just take notes.. It isn’t a fancy, post.. It really IS a place for me to collect links about a whole new issue to me.. One I have been facing now for a while, but… without it’s name…

Dysphagia… it’s an eating disorder.. though NOT the kind you think of, when I write the words… EATING DISORDER… not at all.. it literally is, a disorder, making eating difficult.. a Swallowing issue.. and Baby struggles with it..  Dysphagia can lead to choking, and even aspiration pnemonia.. which he HAS had more than once… along with countless (that means I stopped counting… ) upper respiratory infections..

Dysphagia is a serious medical issue.. it can face young or old.. We do not yet know what caused this in baby.. we have oooodles of other doctors to see..

I know.. I know.. “ooooodles”.. REALLY, you are probably thinking.. “she is SO the drama queen!”  (giggling)… maybe..

To me having to see….

Pediatric Gastrointestinal Specialits (G.I. guy)
Pediatric E.N.T.
Pediatric Neurologist
Pediatric Pulmonologist

to start.. is ooodles  but in reality. it is FOUR.. ok.. I exaggerate! 🙂

WE also have to set up

Speech Evaluations
Occupational Therapist Evaluations

with E.I. of our County.. ~phew.. feels good to write it all down.. it doesn’t FEEL so hairy scary with it written down…

Now… for the links for me, to share with the rest of my family, and YOU .. what it is.. options for treatment.. what EVER.. this is ME in research mode…. I will jot it all here, and then… go through it all, as time affords me in greater detail… so if YOU want to know more, or are trying to learn more about Dysphagia… like we are.. here are links.. Please feel free to share your own.. or YOUR story 🙂 – Video from Top Chef!  a Dysphagia challenge 🙂

phew~ That seems like enough reading material for the next week or so.. I have a LOT to learn.. in yet another NEW area… a LOT of new people to meet, doctors, therapists.. etc..

Prayer requests!!!!!!!

I would like prayer that this would be organized into our schedule in such a way, as to cause the least amount of disturbance to daily rhythms in our family life.. Home education is a busy, industrious lifestyle.. and I am thankful for “summer” to look into this matter.. Pray that I STAY or rather GET organized with all this.. as it is coming.. And the Lord WILL see us through this.. Many appointments to be made, and it all costs so much money.. on TOP of our Lyme Treatment.. which is paid for completely OUT of our pockets.. and on top of all our dietary needs.. gluten free, casein free, soy free etc etc etc.. 🙂

Pray that we would be wise with the money’s that the Lord is providing, and will be providing..that we would LEARN of ways to do things even more affordably, and stretch every dollar we PRAISE the Lord for Machine Man’s wonderful employment, and what seems will be good insurance..!  God is good to have provided it, when so many struggle with out..

Pray that we would find healthful solutions to really bless Baby !

Pray the kids still have many opportunities to find FUN, and laughter, and silly times this summer.. ALL of them, and that doctors appointments etc, do not cloud out their childhood memories entirely 🙂 They are SUCH Blessings, and I want to make sure to carve out time, for my kids, to BE kids! 🙂

Thank you for your prayers.. it is a BIG deal.. but we have lot’s of those..

and our GOD is much much BIGGER!

also.. I wanted to share some helpers the folks at the hospital who conducted Baby’s Video Swallow Study, gave to me as samples..

IN case you wondered, they gave us some thickeners… that won’t bind with water molecules, but are supposed to be great.. if you know of more…. share in that comment button!

so we shall see… I also came across THIS from Nestle.. I wonder if anyone out there knows anything about it 🙂

anyways.. thanks for allowing me a researching vent.. 🙂

you are a blessing!!!!!!!!!!! and don’t let ANYONE tell you different!

<>< Five Lymies and a BABY!!!!!!!!!!

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R. E. S. T.

JUST back from a LONG day… at a hospital.. fun fun.. (sarcasm to be noted…)  Really everyone there was lovely.. Baby (aka Little Man) is having some issues, and needed further  “testing” to have things… properly and officially evaluated…

THANKFULLY… he wasn’t like my car.. you know.. when it makes “THAT” noise for you, but refuses to for the actual mechanic.. leaving you looking like you’re there for a date…??? can we all say … awkward moments in life?

yeah.. Baby performed his usual way, nothing exceptional.. and all is “official” now.. blah blah blah.. sooo not ready to get into all THAT on the World Wide Web.. sorry dear readers..

and besides… THAT isn’t the point OF this post… the point is R.E.S.T.  🙂

See, yesterday.. was another long day … at a different hospital.. for a different patient.. That would be.. Machine Man.. yes.. he’s still having some issues and had a little endoscopy to see Waz’up 🙂

Blah Blah Blah.. but this is NOT about him either.. it is about R. E. S. T..

and when your body FEELS like it needs it.. see… My thyroid is doing GOOFY things.. normal range 0.5-5 … mine was … (dare I even share??? ok ok.. ) Mine was 67…. YES! I know!  that is OUTRAGEOUS and CRAZY.. I need to get the results faxed to Dr. Z.. but again.. Blah Blah Blah…. that is NOT the point of this post…

the point is R. E. S. T…. and the fact I feel a bit.. pooped out.. tired, tuckered if you will… and I need some

R. – relax ( to chill OUT, think NOT, be calm, still, and thoughtful, thinking less… about everything)

E. – eat ( to dine ,to eat, consume wonderful everything.. dark chocolate, good coffee, fresh herbs and true foods.. perhaps a glass of French Wine even…)

S. – Sit. (to  NOT stand.. to lounge in a semi upright position.. not flat but seated.. preferably with FEET up)

T. – Talk (to chit chat.. either about what is heavy on my heart.. or about NOTHING important at all.. but to linger in delightful thoughtful conversation with people who care)

REST… have you had any lately.. I am looking for some, and am working on getting some.. that.. and some sleep.. 🙂

u r loved!

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Basil Basil… how I love you…

King… that is what Basil means… it is rather the KING of the herbs isn’t it… it tastes so good with … well.. everything… in France it is often referred to as “l’herbe royale” … doesn’t that just sound appropriate?

It’s in the mint family…. though, I would like it noted, that i wish it grew as well as all that mint that has taken over my yard… (giggling)

Did you know that Basil does more for you than JUST taste absolutely amazing???

Once upon a time there were some who thought it a sort of love potion… a charm herb…. giggling yet?  me to.. though eating it ALWAYS puts ME in a good mood.. so.. who knows?

It is actually a helper in that “digestion” thing… YES.. it aids you in digesting foods.. and may even help “counter act poisons” according to some research I looked at.. though… I won’t take any poison to see just HOW much it counteracts.. thanks!  I think I will just trust how wonderfully I FEEL eating it with my meals.. perhaps BASIL is the reason I enjoy eating in the spring and summer SO much… I consume Basil, nearly every day!  It would seem it’s that amazing flavor that releases (WAKES UP) you salivary glands and gets you MORE saliva while consuming it.. and chewing it.. and as we all know.. or ought to know.. chewing, is the first step in digestion.. and it all starts there, with that saliva.. it starts breaking things down right then and there in your mouth… So listen to grandma, and CHEW YOUR FOOD SLOWLY!!!!!

Basil can help you if you feel… ummm.. how do I say this delicately… (pssst.. GAS – E).. you know.. ?? Flatulence is often thwarted by this wonder herb!  even the upset grab a leaf and nibble!

Basil can also chill-ax you .. putting you in that “good mood” and hence it is known for aiding in sleep.. Perhaps this is why I loved France.. the wine, the Basil.. so much of what we consumed aided in digestion, put us in good moods, healed our bodies and helped us to rest… hmmm the more I learn, the more I realize the TRUE culture shock of returning to the Midwest 🙂

It is also important to note, that basil.. LIKE it’s good companion garlic, are SUPER helpful when you have a stuffy nose.. clears things up, TRY it!

I am thrilled and amazed at all the wonderful things God has provided for us in His Creation.. Nature… to aid us in healing what ails us.. He truly IS a Promise Keeper… never leaving us, or forsaking us.. but a real provider!  Love love love learning about the healing properties of herbs and foods..  🙂

Yesterday we prepared many pots with great blending of “different muds” as Buddy would like to say.. that we may grow our herbs out doors… 🙂  I am very excited… we plant the seeds this week!  We are late in planting.. but.. I don’t care because (drum roll here…)  I bought some beautiful Basil & rosemary in these little pots for inside on my window sill!  so until my little garden grows.. I am content…  I may transplant. but non the less. I am content! 🙂

What about YOU??? planting anything wonderful today?  Do share!  I love your wonderful comments!

I hope to post some delightful Basil recipes soon..   Please feel free to share YOURS too….

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the “KNOT” syndrome

??? The “knot” syndrome? yes.. or RATHER

the “not” syndrome…

I call it the “KNOT” syndrome.. because it ties people up in knots.. it strains conversations and cuts off circulation in friendships like a knot.. it is.. the KNOT syndrome…

NOT me…

NOT my family…

NOT my child…

you have all experienced it on SOME level, I feel fairly confident.. It’s one thing on a playground…When a mother can’t really grasp that her child is a sinner… JUST like yours.. and you aren’t lying, or making things up, or OUT to make her look bad, when you gently bring it to her attention that her sweet 2 year old is throwing rocks… or mulch or what EVER at your little one..  and that it needs to stop… because now yours has a egg sized bruise rising from a spot on the back of their head… and you’d HATE to think what that might do to the mouth, or eye or who KNOWS.. besides, you need to GO, and get ICE now.. and she’s still standing there telling you..

NO.. not MY child.. you MUST be mistaken.. MY little darling would NEVER….


Perhaps you are a teacher and you’ve had to talk to a parent about a teasing issue.. a bully issue??? lets face it.. we all appreciate but are fall OVER shocked by the RARE parent that says..

YEP.. that is EXACTLY where junior is at right now… I am SO sorry.. I am working with him on this issue.. I am praying for him, and I know he will have victory over this throwing issue.. or this insecurity issue.. I take responcibility for this.. What can I do to MAKE THIS RIGHT??? do you have suggestions???

It’s a rare parent that KNOWS their child… will defend their child.. but at the same time.. be HONEST about where they are at..

LET us all face facts.. WE all.. our blessings included .. ALL of us.. are works in progress 🙂

But it can be a mode we can get into.. the “not” us syndrome…

and worse than behavior issues.. is when it comes to matters of health…

As Lymies, who deal with MCS, CFS, FM  and oooooodles of co-infections, allergies and bla bla blah…. 🙂  We have some knowledge in some areas.. we are NOT all knowing.. but.. we have been blessed to obtain some information.. some wisdom…

it is PAINFUL to deal with folks who clearly need to be tested.. who are going into financial ruin, whose health is fleeting from them… and hear them say.. NOT me… NOT my child.. no.. not OUR family..

and then.. the looks come.. this is the PULL upon the knot.. it’s what cuts off that circulation.. the…. ACCUSATION…

YOU.. just because YOU have LYME doesn’t mean EVERYONE has it..

or funner still..

YOU see lyme everywhere.. like demons hiding under EVERY bush or something… WE DON’T have that… MY doctor would know (always this comes after much complaining about how their doctor has NO clue about what might ail them… )

Machine Man pointed out the other day.. that sharing about lyme… is nearly as hard as sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ..

and amongst lymies.. it is JUST as difficult to talk about “natural” treatment options..

People DIG in their heels.. and decide.. that ALL roads lead to Rome.. and yet talk out of both sides of their mouths… because in the same breath.. they tell us how they are parishing…

and they are..

if it’s a diagnoses that you need…  if your medical situation is off, and remedies not getting anywhere.. a simple IGENEX test and a talk with a LLMD can go a LONG long way..

if it is Salvation that you need… Jesus… loves YOU… if you want to know about THAT, try this test

and I am sorry that talking about it.. might tighten that knot.. but the tie was already there. the conversation just pulls on the end… showing … revealing the KNOT for what it really is.. something binding you up…

get freed… knowledge is power!!!!!  I want to see you FREE, free from LYME, free from all that binds you…

you CAN have Victory.. it’s been WON for you 🙂

perhaps just taking a moment to SEE things. as they really are.. LOOK at self in the mirror.. LOOK at your family, LOOK at your child, your situation.. and try to step OUT of the moment.. to SEE it as it IS..

is the person sharing with you speaking in LOVE, with GRACE and COMPASSION….in genuine concern for YOUR situation?  Might they see something, that is perhaps in your blindspot?

or rather, do they just seem bent on their own mission..

perhaps not putting up the hand too quickly, and hearing their words out, MIGHT be a blessing to you.. take it to the Lord in prayer.. think on it, really ponder it.. it can be very hard for someone to bring something they see… to you at all.. it can be such a challenge for them.. Perhaps it would be wise to take the time to learn more about what ever it is they have knowledge about… to not presume that you “already know that”…

When I first heard about “being saved” and all THAT jazz.. i totally put up my hand.. it was YEARS later… that I figured maybe.. i ought to READ that book… you know.. that BIBLE thing.. and I read ooooodles of commentaries, and theologians, and studied it through and through…  Jesus, the Bible, being “saved” suddenly meant something totally different to me.. it all made sense, it was like a LIGHT was put on in a dark room, and … silly ME hadn’t even realized the LIGHT was off… it was rather shocking!

When I heard first about lyme disease… I totally PUT up my hand… WHY… when i already learned my lesson about NOT being a “knot” person.. because….. I am slow to learn.. and a WORK IN PROGRESS… (giggling) I thought I knew about lyme.. don’t you get that from a tick.. isn’t it cured in like.. hmmm two weeks.. it’s like.. NO BIG DEAL!

that can be a REAL stumbling block in MANY areas.. People THINKING they know.. all about “it” already…  what ever “it” is for them.. for you.. for me.

Billy Graham once said something about the problem with evangelizing being most people in the West having been innoculated to Jesus.. they got JUST enough of Him… like a vaccine.. to THINK they’d got the real deal… when in reality.. they just got vaccinated FROM HIM…

rather like reading an abridged book.. ya really DO miss the whole story.. but FEEL like you read the book…

it was after I heard about lyme disease a second time.. that I figured I had better investigate.

and what I did I learn, about what I had thought I knew about it?

Well, that I pretty much knew nothing..AT ALL, about it… SHOCKING… YES … WHAT I did know.. well, that yes.. it has something to do with ticks 🙂  giggle

all that to say.. let’s try.. to not be KNOT people..we can BE like that in so many different areas of life.. cast it off friends.. BE freed!!!!!!!!!!!! and let us reason together..

with truth, grace, love and compassion in true brotherhood…


YOU are loved!

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Allicin! YET another use!

A few weeks back…Buddy developed this swollen eye… we had JUST been getting over what we were referring to as “THE PLAGUE”… it was without definate name, or status.. but it was HORRIBLE.. and we all seemed to be mended, and needing to regain our strength.. when THIS happened.. It isn’t easy to see because Buddy can’t HELP but smile…

a) he really is a happy kid

b) he LOVES the attention a camera brings

c) he feels important knowing it COULD end up on the blog

d) it is a photo.. it could last a LIFETIME.. why NOT smile & look my BEST, I’m a goodlookin kid!

that is OUR Buddy!  So anyways.. His left eye was all swollen and red.. but not at ALL like pink eye.. so I brought him to the eye doctor and… they were NO HELP AT ALL… they hadn’t a clue WHAT might be wrong.. handed me some “saline” and said it really couldn’t “hurt” giving me that LOOK… as if Buddy were Making MORE of this.. than is really neede..

MIND YOU.. this was NOT my normal eye DR… no.. mine was out of town.. this was a YAHOO Substitute of some sort.. I was more than annoyed…
So we went home and I thought to put Buddy under a Steam tent.. To draw out any ICK..

Perhaps His sinus’ were inflamed…

Here he is under his favorite Thomas the Tank Engine Beach Towel…..
Hating me horribly.. and NOT trusting that this might help in the least!!!!!!

(isn’t he sweet!!!!!!)

But WHAT a big improvement… yet it was still too puffy for me… Buddy was tired.. I was tired.. Time for Bed.. Lets see how it looked in the Morning.. Being that it was Saturday Nite.. we wouldn’t get hold of our wonderful DR till Monday anyhow! I had plenty of time to think.. read and PRAY!!!!!

Buddy looked like THIS in the morning…

YEP.. this is HIS trying to look great for the “BLOG photoshoot”

I even had him shut his eyes.. hoping to show you the redness. and HOW awful it looked.. I am not certain my camera REALLY captures it…

so… I prayed.. I had been reading a LOT.. and been so super impressed by the liquid version of Allicin we had used in our nebulizer for our “PLAGUE”… the IDEA… came to me…
a bit of ZHANG.. a bit of an answer to prayer…

ok.. ok.. so I am WAY unorthodox..AND he does NOT have a look of LOVE towards me.. but… I am nebulizing his mouth, his nose and… YES his eye.. with straight liquid Allicin.. it is antimicrobial, antibiotic, and anitfungal.. it’s all I had.. and I figured.. It MIGHT just help… he was sooo brave!

This is what Buddy looked like after the session….
I also Placed a moist chamomile teabag on his eye a couple times…

we did 2 more nebulizer teatments that day… and only two the next…
the following day we went to the library… LOOK at Buddy at the Library!

Looks better to me…
I waited to post this.. to make certain.. that what EVER it was.. didn’t ‘come Baaaaaack’… and it’s been a couple weeks now..
and all is well.. our vision is fine… no redness.. no puffyness. NO eye pain…

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Those incredible EDIBLE eggs….

yes… lovely.. artistic.. and a beautiful reminder.. of our NEW creation in Christ..

OF the Trinity..

of The Resurrection…

hey… i promised to post pictures 🙂

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eggs, wordpress

i know.. it’s bad.. but.. i just KNOW blogger.. and this is still hard for me to learn.. so… forgive me…
i will work on posting.. more
but right NOW.. we are going to PAINT, color, DECORATE these beautiful eggs…
for easter..
how did I make them so lovely?
here is the deal
gently place ALL the eggs in the bottom of the pan (we make a lot so we used a stock pot)
slowly add cold water to cover all the eggs at LEAST 1 inch…
I add a smidge of vinegar..
I NEVER.. never remember why…
I just do…
I know there is a reason..
but lyme has stolen it from me..
I goggle it.
but find NOTHING..
so if YOU know.. tell me.. (thanks)
I bring my eggs in all that lovely water
to a RAPID boil
and as SOON as it is boiling rapidly
not that piddeling small bubble stuff.. i mean RAPID…
bring to a simmer, and set your timer
to 10 minutes…
as soon as that timer goes off…
put that stock pot in the sink and start running cold water over it. add ice and cold water and slowly move the eggs around…
you want the ones on the bottom to get COLD fast too…

there you have it.
that is it.
sweet and simple..
you do this right.. you will have perfect eggs..
they should NOT crack
they should not have that wierd greenish blueishness about them..
they should go WHITE to beautiful yellow/orange
(depending on your egg)

after that..
in regards to the shell…
it really IS
up to that ARTIST inside of you
coming up soon

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Hyperacusis – previously posted on

Tuesday, January 26, 2010
deep bass & migraines

you know those people who drive with their radios SUPER loud
so you can hear EVERY word of the song that they are listening to…
yes well…
NOT those people..
I want to talk to you about the thudding cars..
where the driver messes with their bass…
and you FEEL the the music 5 cars down…
Where you SEE it visibly MOVING like in a cartoon or something..
do you KNOW the cars I am talking about….?
those cars…
and their drivers
cause me great physical pain..

I once got OUT of my car to tell a guy to
stop it…
he looked afraid..
I suppose I would of looked afraid too…
my kids giggled ALL the way home..
I wasn’t mean about it…

I suffer from migrains..
and THAT sound… or rather frequency…
can trigger one..
they can last from 3 days to 40 days..
they are NOT cluster headaches..
they’ve BEEN studied by the experts..
they are actual migraines…
and I have been hospitalized for them…

I have other triggers..
But for THIS post..
I wanted to write about the thudding
the frequency…
I have had some doctors look at me ..
like I was crazy…
brown banana’s is an acceptable trigger…
so is chocolate,
and well, they have their “acceptable list” if you just ask them…
but “thudding” while in traffic..
just isn’t one of them…
“perhaps the stress of traffic?” comes the inquiry…
“no” i always reply…

I can be sleeping on a long car trip…
and it will rouse me and trigger aura,
and if we can NOT escape it..
I will have a migraine..
There have been other things to…
Floresent lighting… I hear it… and it’s flicker is beyond unnerving…

but mostly…
the thudding..
my last neurologist..
or perhaps I ought to say..
present neurologist…
said… he had “heard” of something like that…
sounds or frequencies triggering…
and THAT is why he’s still on staff
because he didn’t call me nuts..
and guess what!
it SEEMS it has a name!
and it is associated with LYME!
suprise suprise… RIGHT?

Hyperacusis is a health condition characterized by an over-sensitivity to any or certain frequenciesof sound (a ‘collapsed tolerance to sound’). Related to tinnitus, hyperacusis can be acquired as a result of damage sustained to the hearing apparatus, or the inner ear. Though a rare condition, a common cause is overexposure to excessively high decibellevels of sound.

If no auditory trauma was experienced, hyperacusis can also come about due to other neurological causes, or to generally much lesser degrees as a result of extreme stress. Some patients with Addison’s disease(or other endocrine disorders) may be extremely sensitive to sound and light and should avoid all stressful stimuli when symptoms flair.

Hyperacusis is also common in advanced lyme disease due to nerve inflamation and the neurotoxic nature of the spirochetal bacteria. If successfully treated, many lyme patients’ noise tolerance returns to normal. Elevated levels of mercury, lead or other heavy metals may also contribute to hyperacusis in some individuals.

So it seems… it’s not all “in my head”
or rather..
perhaps it IS

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