Finding moments

Princess's first fish of 2010Buddy Fishing Spring 2010Baby feetred clover

 So The Man decided we needed to escape… to GET AWAY from it all.. to be surrounded by beauty,  nature, and all that is lovely in the world… To be be enveloped, if you will, with a bit of peace… 

How does one do that with less less than $35?  Yet still make it last?  Well, after a bit of PRAYER this past Sunday it came to him… 

Two adult Illionis fishing licenses (which last the WHOLE year!) 

+ four kids (who get to fish for FREE) 

+ bait 

+ snacks 

+ filtered water in jugs with ice cubes 

= a really lovely afternoon!  

Just look at that darling fish the Princess caught! 

Buddy Fishing Spring 2010

Could Buddy BE any cooler???  He officially started casting all by his VERY self!  Shocking… I know..
We could not be any prouder 🙂
What a neat guy!

Baby feet

The man was just plain right… We really needed a GET AWAY… And while a true vacation would be lovely.. Something months long, and by the sea perhaps, with a health center to help us detox, and heal from this wretched disease… NO such thing yet exists in our country… And monday is only hours away for the MAN… hard work, and long hours away from a family he loves, and that loves him.. a family hurting, and needing, that he needs…   So this little idea… This answer to prayer was JUST what the doctor ordered..

red clover

We went with TickSpray in hand … We went with worms… and we went with stress…

we came home more rested, more relaxed…
but NOT to any fishfry…
that fish you saw was the only one WE saw, and you know what…
THAT was ok with us…
somehow.. I think that is why it’s called
rather than catching..
We’re waiting on something..
Perhaps we’re waiting on God…
if only just for some more Patience to make it through to tomorrow…
or maybe just some grace to see us through till we get the patience…
or maybe just a ray of hope,
sometimes the place a lyme patient LEAST wants to be is in Nature.. for it is there that the enemy lurks…
but it is often there, where we face our fears, and find our peace..
if only for the moment

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Home Educator, Loving Wife, Born again Christian, decorating, photogaphing, blogging, reading adventurer, off on an exciting new adventure!
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2 Responses to Finding moments

  1. Susan Wetzel says:

    Beautifully put ! Although we are also a family with lyme, we truly still love the outdoors! We could not imagine life without being able to enjoy all that God has given us in the flowers, the grass, the woods, the sunshine, the outdoors. But the enemy IS there….and we pray for more strength and more protection ….and we go outside : ) God Bless, Susan

    • sweetnika says:

      Thank you for the encouraging words…
      Praying for more stength…
      more protection… indeed!
      I will share ideas for protection and JOIN you in prayer sister! 🙂

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