dark nights

Putting on the Full Armour of God that you will be able…. to stand..


Lord Have mercy …

hear MY prayers…

Besides the wonderful world of LYME, which is pretty awful in itself.

We are discovering the glories of the CO-INFECTIONS… and they aren’t so pretty either…

But before we could even BEGIN to feel like we had a handle on any of those… The doctors had to talk with us about what they feel MAY be a Lyme complication.. which is another way of saying… YET another disease that you can get JUST for joining the club…

sort of a benefit…  but I was rather hoping to NOT join… or at least that none of the blessings would have to join…  the disease?  Uveitis… A disease of the eye.

Uveitis is the third leading cause of blindness in America, and 5% to 10% of the cases occur in children under the age of 16. But Uveitis in children blinds a larger percentage of those affected than in adults, since 40% of the cases occurring in children are posterior uveitis, compared to the 20% of posterior Uveitic cases in the adult Uveitis population.

There are, at any one time, approximately 115,000 cases of Pediatric Uveitis in the United States, with 2,250 new cases occurring each year. Spread across the entire U.S. population, therefore, and across all offices of Ophthalmic practitioners, the likelihood that any one individual practitioner will care for a patient with Pediatric Uveitis is relatively small,…(C. Stephen Foster, M.D.)

So this week we need to Find the right doctor.. We will start with a pediatric opthamologist whose ON our insurance (won’t that be amazing if our insurance really PAYS???) and then if we feel we need a second opinion we will see someone from this site. http://www.uveitis.org/medical/articles/clinical/pediatricuv.html

There is a listing of Doctors who have an interest in Uveitis, and have studied it.  It being so rare, it would be nice to see one who has SEEN it.  Our LLMD thinks it might be, and her regular Eye doctor is very concerned as well.  Princess has many of the symptoms.

  • Pain in her eyes
  • (at least one episode of inflamation w/out infection)
  • floaters
  • blurry vision that comes and goes
  • occasional light sensitivity

It seems rather a LOT to do… Lyme, and all these co-infections, and now these complimentary diseases… really … what’s a Mama to do?

Putting on the battle gear.. preparing to fight.. opening my bible… filling up on what is right.

Praying to my father, my KING… how else can one get through this night?


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