POTS….not pans

so the other day I wrote to you about the “possibility” of uveitis… Today I want to write to you about the reality of POTS.  

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome  also known as POTS

C. S. suffers from this, and has for years.  We have seen dr after dr about his symptoms.  Only after laying his medical history and tests before the LLMD did we get answers.  He asked some pointed questions.  Some questions about his diet, and What exactly C. S. has done to “manage” those wierd symptoms…

C.S. has found he always feels better if it is cool outside.  If it isn’t, he likes the A.C. or the pool… to cooool off.   C.S. has always added TOO much salt to each meal, & ever the worried parent we BUST him on it… Now according to the dr, we are to BACK  Off… Our Lad has begun treating his illness, and now, he’s got an advocate, and a watchdog… A doctor in HIS court… for once.   It feels good. 

One of the causes of POTS is viral and or bacterial infections… I guess Lyme, Babesia, & HHV6 would fall into THAT catagory… don’t you think?

For a great article that explains the basics of this disease please check out this article by  Frank Gargano.  



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