God wrote……

As many of you know…God wrote a BOOK! We call it the BIBLE.  It contains an Old Testament & a New Testament.  They really complete each other, and make so much MORE sense when you read them together.  I grew up hearing How there was a God of the Old Testament… and then there was a New God.

That really isn’t the case at all, if one reads it completely, in its entirety, and actually studies it.  Nope.. Same God.. and what is so super neat about Him, is this, He never changes.

His plan for humanity, never changes.

It is simply fulfilled in the New Testament.

The Bible does teach some hard things.

Like the fact that God is TRUTH, God is Justice, God is HOLY.  God is.  He just is all these things.  Yet if we are living in a way that makes us uncomfortable Holiness, Justice and Truth, one could see, how we might have a BIT of a problem with God, or even the Idea of God…

That said, God IS also MERCY. He is Grace.  God is LOVE.  God is everlasting.  God is a shepherd.  God is our Provider.

As followers of God, of Jesus, we pray to Him.  We READ that cool book he wrote.  It is still the best seller all time 🙂  We lean on His Holy Spirit to get us through it all…

We read as a family about missionaries.  How God has provided them food, or shelter, or sometimes money in times of great trial to sustain them.  These stories fascinate the children,and always leave me in need of tissue…  To think that God would lay upon some one’s heart to give a certain thing, be it food,clothing, or money or what EVER, to another person, often times annonomously, that all the glory might go to Him…

NOW that IS just … well. cool… (That is something we have added.. something that isn’t exactly IN the Bible like the other definitions are..The God is Holy for example is IN the Bible… we’ve added in our House that GOD is COOL!!!~ we rather hope He isn’t offended 🙂 we mean it in the BEST possible way!)

So all this stuff lately is well, a LOT.  Costs a LOT.  We are doing what we can, saving here and there, going with out this or that.  REALLY the belt is pretty tight… But… then… things are hard all around, and whose belt isn’t these days right…

The costs of the doctors and hospitals… The costs of medicine.. OUCH  Justa whole…. LOT…

There was one medicine … Just one, we haven’t had the money to get.  We have to order it online and it isn’t cheap… Cheaper than the alternatives.. but JUST because a mansion is on sale for 2.3 million and is a real “deal” still don’t mean I can afford it…IF you know what I mean…

So God wrote a check.  Addressed to us. Return address ours.  (didn’t really realize HE was still writing… but then.. He IS a writer) Type written check, signed by the banker person (I think that makes it a bankers check…it wasn’t a business, or personal check)

Addressed to my husband


Jehovah Jirah

translation (God our Provider)

In the amount needed, enough for us to get 1month supply of the medicine for our family…

and the kids thought I was weepy at the missionary biography’s. 

We knew God would make a path, that He would be the lamp unto our feet in this dark night…Yet when He shines…It still rocks my world

Rob deposited the check before we could charge the camera.  He was so eager to order the meds.  That is what we are doing today.  The Lords day.  Buying online, the medicine that HE is providing for us.

Thank you Jesus, Jehovah Jirah.. Holy Spirit, for pressing us to never loose faith.. for YOU are worthy!

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2 Responses to God wrote……

  1. Amen! Beautful post. God is so Good. If we keep our faith and do what we should on our end,he takes care of everything else on the other end. God bless you all! I am the only one out of 4 in our family with Lyme and its expensive enough for just me. Praying for you daily!
    Kirsten 🙂

    • sweetnika says:

      Thank you for the gracious words! He IS so so good! Thank you for visiting my little space on the world wide web! I look forward to visiting YOURS soon 🙂 Nice to meet you, and I will be lifting YOU in prayer Kirsten 🙂
      never let a moment pass with out remembering the absolute truth that YOU are LOVED!!!!

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