We had a delightful discussion last night. ONE that actually included FATHER!  Please do not think that the Man does not engage in discussions with us.  JUST never on THIS topic.

WE were remembering France. We were MISSING France.  He usually only chimes in on the negative… or stays silent and chews his food, nodding occasionally as he remembers this, or that.

Last night, it seemed, we EACH had things we just plain MISS about life in France.  Granted we all agreed we WISH we spoke better French.  That speaking the language would make everything even all the more LOVELY.  But there it is.  WE MISS life in France.  YES even C.S.! shock of shocks! 

What did we miss?

The excitement.  The sense of health.  The evenings.  The adventures.  The walks.  The independence.  The focus on family.  The wonderful food, from so many cultures.  The marketplace.  The culture.  The simplicity of our life there.

Trying to capture that here, this past year, has been impossible.  We HAVE been intentional, it simply does NOT work in the suburbs.  It’s too chaotic, too demanding, too nutty, with so little to offer but more traffic.

missing the simplicity… missing the south of France

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