Saving Bunny

moments i wonder WHY I have lyme….
because I can’t find the charger for the camera’s battery…
and even IF I could the stick is filled and I can’t find the thingy that makes it possible for me to connect it to my computer to download to pictures…
I just CAN not remember… so there ARE no pictures of this story..
I will have to paint it for you….

Sunday afternoon, and a simply beautiful day…Three of my four children are out to play…
One is nappin, and two twin cousins have come, and all are having ooodles of fun.

An Opa, an Oma, an a Auntie sit under the umbrella in the she shade
while I put away some dishes and consider making lemonade

Papa is checking the Pool to make sure it is fine
he wants all his wonderful family to have a good time

The children are playing all about the yard
hoping to find a nice plump frog

When what does the Good Lord choose to reveal
but a sweet little lost creature with no place to steal

This bunny so tiny, so lost, so alone
had fallen into the well next to our home…

with dark clouds hovering, looming around
the children knew what could happen, or the bunny might drown

smell of rain in the air, a storm on the way
The rescue of baby bunny became the plans of the day

do a rope was found, a cage and a pole,
a great attempt to encourage the rabbit in the hole

Finally Bunny was safe in the cage and lifted to safety
the Children all hurrayed!
They clapped their hands the children five.
So thankful to see the Bunny safe and alive.

The cage was then opened and Bunny was freed
The children so thankful, at the wonderful deed.

God cares for His sparrows… and His bunnies too.
what made us look into the well they wondered?
God that is WHO!

Shortly after, all the guests they did leave
and the storm it did come, and MY did it heave.

It blew and it thundered, and the lightening did crash
the rain came buckets and it their windows with a smash..

The family thanked the Lord that night for the blessing that God did give
of the reminder of the Bunny, and how God helped it to live,
by providing others to help along the way
and how HE protects us too,
each and every day.

~ a. c. 7/10

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