may we not despair Lord….

believers despair… so so much pain
no help for the seering pain
and the pain just does not stop
does not go away
and a medical community to tell you…
it’s all “in your head”..

it’s not…
it’s not my friends.
don’t despair

praying for our system to heal
for Lyme Patients,
and MCS Patients
and Toxic Mold patients
gosh there are so many illnesses
so many diseases being denyed..
just praying for all those suffering right now..

praying you all do not despair
that you persevere in your trial
in your suffering..
praying that we do too

Lord sustain us

Click below on “Despair” to read an article of yet another couple that did fall into the horrid hands of despair… and for them I weep… How sad. How sad for their family. it’s just…. so… sad


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2 Responses to may we not despair Lord….

  1. Jennifer says:

    God help us all. I keep saying “I trust you God.” Sometimes I’m just saying it and not feeling it… like during a bad relapse… but often I can feel the trust. I ask for the peace that is offered from the Holy Spirit if only I would stop and let it envelop me. God bless all who are suffering.

  2. sweetnika says:

    oh how sweet the trust is that you and Jesus are building as you walk together through the Valley of the Shadow of Death…
    Shadows… they can be EVER so horrible, ever so frightening…
    bad things can happen in those darkened corners… hidden spots..
    but it IS only a Shadow…
    and of IT we need not fear…
    for He is with us…
    He PROMISED to never leave us nor forsake us…
    praying for you
    in the midst of trial…
    you are LOVED!
    your sister in Christ
    < sweetnika

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