Crazy Lyme Lady

Lyme disease can wreak havok in a life…
and it certainly has been having a blast in my families…

but the kind of “crazy” I mean is another one all together…

In the past month…
Three new people I KNOW
in my “circle” have been diagnosed with this disease..
ONE is in college
and ONE is a mother like me
who has probably had it for years and years..
who… is dreading the fact…
she HAS to get her daughters tested because they have been symptomatic since birth.
and another who had only recently got bit, saw the rash and is literally NIPPING it in the bud because of all the LYME buzz going on around him…

IN the past month

I saw a child WITH a bullseye rash

a child I KNOW and LOVE

I spoke to the mom

who laughed

and then said in a “fun loving” sort of way

that I was just being “lyme crazy”

“seeing rashes where ever I went”

that “it was NOTHING! so just stop ! sooo silly! ha ha!”

I have trouble sleeping at night thinking of this little child…

really I do..

that my families situation has in some cases made people SO aware that they WENT for medical treatment


that because of a diagnoses they looked me up to talk

and I am so thankful to the Lord to know they felt this way..

but so….

sad to think… that in someone elses eyes…

I am just that crazy Lyme Lady

who sees Lyme in every bug bite….

only about 30% of people even GET a bullseye rash from a Tick

but …

100% who get that Rash

will get lyme…
praying for a precious child……
that lyme lady


what a month……………………………….


About sweetnika

Home Educator, Loving Wife, Born again Christian, decorating, photogaphing, blogging, reading adventurer, off on an exciting new adventure!
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