just SAYing….

sometimes… i THINK sassy thoughts
really really sassy
very few people know about them
I don’t often write them down
I don’t really KNOW how my readers might FEEL reading my sassy side
you might HATE that sassy side of me

then again
you might like it a whole lot more

just SAYing….

so for EXample….
doctor send me this threatening note in the mail..
Pay this big bill by this date OR ELSE

and all I can think is

or else WHAT?

you’ve allready sucked my blood, and my kids blood & that of my husband…
you demanded we be “patient” for weeks months..wait oops
as you “PRACTICED”
medicine????? on us
LYME Disease
gluten intolerence
Mycroplasma Fermentens
and the countless other little issues that we actually DO HAVE
that you ignored
or that you MISSED
or what EVER
Yet we WERE patient patients…
and we showed up on time
and had blood drawn…
and injections given
and gave our stories again and again
and you weighed us
and took our blood pressure
and now..
now that WE, yes all of us
shocking I KNOW
for US to ask anything of YOU..
but now that
WE are asking for a little patience From YOU
while a whole slew of someone ELSE’s are “practicing” medicine on us
Patience from you,
grace from you
while we scrounge around trying to pay all the pipers
with the tuppence we earn
while we live with illnesses that got SO bad
while we were ..
wait… hmmmm
under YOUR care..

you ACTUALLY dare?
to throw a temper tantrum
and DEMAND something from ME?
after screwing UP?
and charging me anyway?
What to me is a mountain of money,
to you… is but a tuppence….
you ….
you are doing THIS?
When we ALWAYS pay
down to the last cent?
thats just … wow…
glad its not ME answering to God for THAT!


About sweetnika

Home Educator, Loving Wife, Born again Christian, decorating, photogaphing, blogging, reading adventurer, off on an exciting new adventure!
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1 Response to just SAYing….

  1. Melissa Ouimet says:

    Anika – this is Amazing funny…and, I think you should envelope it with the bill and mail it away….perhaps they just haven’t thought of something such as this…LOL

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