in the lyme community we all talk about LYME brain…

we chat and write and read about LYME FOG -or brain fog

which is this state our brains can be in – where thinking is just foggy, hard to manuever in.  Hard to process, compute, analyze, receive, accept information, ANY information in healthy, correct passages in our brains… often leaving us frustrated and confused… and leaving the NON lyme person, well irritated or JUST as confused.

BUT there is a little known talked about thing.. I call LYME mouth..

when we SAY things… we don’t mean..

SAY things perhaps out of despair, perhaps out of loneliness, perhaps out of desperation..

perhaps we don’t know why..

but we say things..

and after … even saying I am sorry.. is not enough, because shoving the words back in your mouth is hard to do.. I have yet met anyone who can capture them back and do this..

Living in a house with lymies… makes for interesting moments.. where “i’m sorry” and “will you please forgive me” are said a whole lot.. and thankfully forgiveness is given quickly, and fully.. because of relationship with Jesus Christ..

But hurt.. it can linger.. 


Well.. If you accidentally CHOP OFF MY toe  (  i know you LOVE my examples !)  and you ask me for forgiveness… I will SO very willingly and truly forgive you..

it does NOT change the fact.. that I have to get my toe sewn on, that it might get infected, that it HURTS a whole lot, that it might not work, that I will need medicine…

and ALL this..

might make YOU feel guilty..

might make YOU feel like I am NOT forgiving you..

when I have, I did and I am…

it’s just LIFE, and I have to get through the pain that was caused by this accident that we were in..

can you see the dilema?


LYME mouth bites..

some times shutting it, actually might mean HAND OVER YOUR OWN MOUTH..

just a bit of wisdom from Mama 🙂

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  1. link says:

    ok how is this supposedto mean?

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