New month starting

Gearing up for this next month is a Biggie..

We start NEW meds and a NEW school year… and Machine Man is wrapping up the final weeks on a BIG Machine that ships out at the END of that month and then it looks like their may be a ROAD TRIP… Now .. sometimes that means..

a FAMILY ROAD TRIP.. sometimes it means just Machine MAN… I guess this time we just have to see how we are all feeling..

Machine Man Gets his PICC line in soon… they faxed in the order yesterday so perhaps as soon as next week.. I go in for a Heart Cath Monday, and We all got a list of our New MED Routine that we will begin.. phew~

This weekend, I finish ordering the last few scraggling books for school… and the next 2 weeks I finish planning the school year. I don’t plan on starting till MID September perhaps even till October anyways.. Except maybe for the writing class the big kids are in, and even Biology.. I am still undecided.. It isn’t all PUT together and I HAVE asked for help, but there is none available.. not the kind I need.. so.. there ya have it.. I just need MORE time..

I need to get cracking on the work I have before me, and I am glad that one medicine I am coming off is amoxicillin… It makes me MORE spacy than I am regularly with lyme.. I have been on Doxy, and even though I have nausea, I can think a bit more clear, which helps with planning… 🙂

Hopefully that will help me WRAP up the planning of the school year!

How is your month going?

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