The heart of the matter….

they are pretty important..
both physically
and spiritually…
and when they hurt…
it is never a laughing matter

The Man… the Machine Man… My darling Man, has been having some troubles with his heart… you may have heard, or read…
It pretty much how we knew he needed to be tested for lyme in the first place…
heart racing
and it’s all been getting worse and more frequent
till last month..
when a few days AFTER our LLMD told us to see the cardiologist, and just AFTER he told me to SMACK him heard dead center on the chest if Machine Man ever just dropped on me… (cuz THAT won’t freak me out or anything).. Doc just looked me in the eye and said, smack him HARD right there in his chest as HARD as you can. Don’t worry ’bout breakin nothin. Call 911 after. If he drops, he’s gone already, ya gotta WHACK him back fast.
Whoa~ …… ok…… thanks doc..
following Wednesday I got a call, I SO did not want to get
Machine Man thinks he needs the Firemen to work on his heart now.. seeing as he’s just PASSING by their station and all.. He’s thinking the hospital is too far… and 911 is so … not gonna work for him… love ya babe…
By Thursday he was being cardioverted because he was in fact A-fibbing at the firehouse, and they DID rush him in their handy-dandy truck to the ER 🙂 (Fire men ARE the best! as Buddy would attest) and so has begun the wonders of visiting a cardiologist…
We have experienced the joys of insurance NOT paying for vital meds needed… 🙂 fun! really… NOT so much..
and oooodles of other lyme related joys…
and what YOU may not know…
is Machine Man’s a pain in my rear…
see… it really TAKES one to know one..
and he’s BEEN after me for a long time to see a cardiologist…
but as I SEE IT…
I have
a chiropractor
an obgyn
a gastroenterologist
a urologist
a family practitioner
a surgeon
a plastic surgeon (for more sensitive issues that MAY arise)
a dermatologist
a dentist
a biological dentist
an allergists
a natueopath
a nutritionist (though I don’t frequent her)
a anesthesiologist
a neurologist
and I am probably forgetting someone (sorry- lyme brain)
with all these folks on staff….
I just didn’t see the need to ADD anyone… to my PERSONAL payroll
especially when the kids have
physical therapists
pediatric urologist
pediatric gastroenteroloists (so not spelling well today)
pediatric dentists
etc etc etc
can you see where my LACK of desire might stem from???

That said.. whew
The man, Machine Man… (I think that expresses him better.. he likes Machines, builds machines, and thinks very Machine ISH, he isn’t very SOFT and mushy… so much better than just The Man.. that makes him seem sort of Government like.. so I am adding it 🙂 what do you think?)
So Machine Man, With OUT my consent, made an appointment for me with HIS cardiologist..
out of LOVE
and nearly 16 years of marriage…
and 4 children…
and a bit of fussing…
I went…
and the cardiologist seems nice (don’t they ALL?) and he ordered a stress test (i did NOT do well AT ALL)
He ordered an echocardiogram (waiting for results)
and a monitor to be worn for One MONTH … (which I am wearing … even as I write these words….)
Then… This past monday… he called to tell me I need a Heart CATH..
I go in THIS monday for that procedure…
There ya have it.

and THAT my friends is just the PHYSICAL aspect of it all…….


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