Thyroid… pendulum swinging

I have Hashimoto’s.. It is an autoimmune disorder that causes my thyroid to be in SLOW gear.. Your thyroid is like the epicenter of your body.. It’s beat and time..

Slow gear means I lose weight slow or not at all.. My body doesn’t want to get rid of any weight…It’s in survival mode fighting this foreign object, that ISN’T actually foreign at all.. it’s MY thyroid… I take medicine to help with this.. For years I had a deep thick voice… and as the meds began to finally improve my situation, to regulate my thyroid properly, my voice changed!  Now when people call our house, sometimes when I answer, they ask to speak to my mom.. thinking that I am one of the children… sooo weird..

The thyroid can mess with your hormones, your ovaries.. your skin, basically YOU.. all of you.. if it is slow you can be VERY fatigued and lethargic.. Before they figured out that I had this, I would pass out and miss whole days of my life..

Lyme Disease LIKES to attack the thyroid, or so I read in books, online and in journals.. So people and doctors tell me.. My thyroid got totally messed up about 2 years after my bite.  But I did have some symptoms prior to that..

This last visit to the LLMD, we asked to have Buddy’s thyroid checked.. NOT because he is slow, or gaining weight, NOT because his voice is deep, or heavy, NOT because he’s loosing hair or the dozen of other things.. Because there is a different problem people can have with the thyroid..

When the pendulum swings the OTHER way….

Buddy eats NON stop.. Buddy eats 4-5 meals for breakfast alone..

egg yolk free scrambled eggs

a bowl of fruit

gf oat meal or another gf hot soaked breakfast cereal

yogurt (big bowl with frozen berries/probiotic added & gf granola)

gf toast with honey/butter or sunflowerseed butter or jam

he just keeps on eating.. NON of these are small portions… most of them consituting a meal in their own right..

Then, give it 10-20 minutes, he’ll want more yogurt, more eggs, more something.. wait another 20 minutes and he wants popcorn, or crackers, or rice and beans… He is hungry all day, and if I don’t DO something with him, or send him out to play, he eats, and eats and eats..

And he’s NOT gaining weight.. We can see his rib cage.. He’s not just thin, he’s getting thinner… We had him take his shirt off for the doctor, and he agreed.. after taking a good look, and seeing the wired, tired little boy, who is NOT hyper, but edgy, whose so hungry we pack a BAG of snacks where ever we go, and is thin as can be, he agreed, time to test to see if the lad is HYPERTHYROID…

I hope to learn more about this condition, to share with you.. even if Buddy doesn’t have it..

I know little boys are hungry, they grow, I have 3 sons.. This one eats more than C.S. our teen 🙂  Mother instinct just screams inside of me, something is off, or turning off, something must be watched..

Thyroid is super important..

here are some links to help you learn more about it!

Stop the Thyroid Maddness
Treating Lyme Disease and Adrenals in Lyme
CSA Discovery Guides

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  1. Gourmet Food says:

    Terrific, that’ s exactly what I was seeking for! You just spared me alot of work

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