Little girls and LYME

My little girl has LYME…
She is beautiful and smart. Funny and charming, a wee bit shy, but a blast to hang out once you get past that.
She is my Princess..
frankly she’s more of a tomboy, a Ponygirl.. something in between..
She loves to bake..
She loves to learn to sew… (but the machine is not working right..)
She LOVES her bunny rabbit
She loves helping take care of her baby brother
She loves to write stories…
She can only type them because Lyme Disease has caused dysgraphia making printing intensly painful for her.
She loves to swim, and climb trees and more than anything she loves to ride horses… (when she isn’t hurting..)
She hasn’t ridden in almost a year..
She LOVES hanging out with her Zin Twin (you KNOW who you are ! )
She loves being with her family
She loves her Opa and Oma, and is very sad Oma’s cancer has spread to her brain…. very very sad…

Princess loves to draw and paint.. but.. the pain from the dysgraphia is makes it hard for her to be creative in that way…
Princess plays piano.. but lately the lyme disease has been hurting her eyes.. and making the music dance off the page..
Princess also plays the harp.. but when Bartonella starts cramping, it makes playing smoothly almost impossible… that and the reading the sheet musice issue again..

Princess is an excellent student… beyond my most wonderful aspirations… She loves all her classes.. Is a passionate lover of Shakespeare, adores math and science… She longs to be a doctor or.. maybe a vet.
Lately reading is hard.. her eyes hurt so much..

Today our homeschool group has a special event.. Princess ALMOST did not get to go.. Because of me.. Because yesterday I had my heart cath, and the doctor said I can not drive for the next few days… I am her regular Chauffer
The event is from 1-4.. GIRLS ONLY
With 3 brothers… a GIRL ONLY event is a big deal!
it means her OWN kind….
not ONLY that… but girls her OWN age…
Girls ages 10-12 only!
and believe it or not 12 girls total signed up last time I checked!

It was a BIG big big deal to me that I found her a ride… They are going to paint nails! They are making crafts! They are eating fun snacks ! They are thinking of making this a CLUB! A club that would last the whole school year long! That is a mighty big deal for a homeschool girl with only boys in her house!
She simply COULD NOT miss the very FIRST meeting … no no no…

well, I am happy to report.. that Her wonderful Tante Gail (Tante = Aunt) offered to drive her! wow ! HURRAH!
She packed a snack to bring 🙂
She packed 3 colors of nail polish to share 🙂
She brought her date book to fill with phone numbers of the NICE new friends she hopes to meet…
She even brought her camera…

So here is to hoping my little Girl who has lyme has a SUPER terrific time.. because SHE deserves to… 🙂
A girlie day is a beautiful thing….

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  1. Usually I do not write-up on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to complete so! Thanks, incredibly nice article.

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