Sometimes.. just sometimes.. it feels like we can’t catch a break..
Machine mans heart
my heart
C.S. may have something going on with his heart??? possibly POTS????

arthritis associated with lyme

terrible pains from Bartonella..

Fevers from Babesia

Migraines, Dysgraphia, Brain fog, the list is endless…

Then there are the allergies… gluten free, dairy free…
Baby is Casein free and the doc’s think he’ll be gluten free too…

What does all that mean.. well.. no matter how bad we feel… how hard it is for Machine man to GET to work.. for me to GET through the day.. most meals are made from scratch.. there are few tricks to make things easier.. but
there are some…

and each week, there is a new battle… a new ailment, a new foe to fight…
This week we learned my mother’s cancer has spread… it is in her brain.. and so we weep..
it feels hard, harsh.. nearly dispairing….
and yet….

Things could be so different..

My Heart Cath COULD have shown blockage..
Machine Man could have died, or could be suffering terrible now.. but he is WORKING STILL!
Praise GOD!!! 🙂
My mother could have passed a year ago… but Praise the LORD she still lives this day, and knows BABY!
Princess’ eyes may hurt but she does NOT have Uveitis which could have left her blind…
Thank you JESUS!
Baby may be allergic to MILK, CASEIN, SOY and oodles of things, but we are learning so FAST, and he’s growing, and happy and healthy!
Baby has some small delays, but we found a therapist to help…. and she is a believer in Christ…
Homeschool may be a challenge but it IS only 180 days! They Love to learn, & God gave us 365days each year to do it all in!
Praise the Lord we need it all! 🙂
I may have a highschool student, and his lessons may seem daunting, but.. He LOVES us, he’s nice, and fun, and THAT is a rare thing..
ALL Glory be to God..
Princess may have her struggles, she may feel surrounded by oooodles of boys, but God provided an opportunity today to let her fellowship with other girls her own age, who also homeschool..
Thank you Jesus!

Blessing upon blessing upon blessing heaped upon my family during this time of greatest distress… This trial sometimes feels too harsh, too much to bare… but there it is.. am I seeing it correctly?

am I seeing the blessing from the burdens?

Lord Have mercy.. YOU are soo good to us

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Home Educator, Loving Wife, Born again Christian, decorating, photogaphing, blogging, reading adventurer, off on an exciting new adventure!
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