The Terrible Tramoline Games

Just a little fun Mama… Please…

See he’s been sick with Lyme..

He doesn’t often GET to play outside as of late..He certainly hadn’t played with this friend, not nearly all summer long..He asked to walk down the street, so we packed up Baby in the stroller 🙂   and we walked together to see if his friend could play, he should be home from school by now.

His little friend invited Buddy to join him on another neighbors trampoline, and then some nice older neighbor girls I know would be with him…

my gut said NO!!!!!!!!!!

my heart said…LET him have some fun today..stop stiffeling his one chance to play..

you don’t know what tommorrow may bring…


I smiled and said “Just for about 25 minutes Buddy…”, and I sat to visit with the Mother…

It probably didn’t even take that long…I wasn’t wearing a watch..

the Nice GIRLS as he calls them, I don’t know when they left..

it sounds like they were gone only briefly…maybe they just went in for a drink?

I don’t know..

it doesn’t matter…

but the “spirit of the game” changed..maybe the actual game itself changed..

He said he felt “safer” when they were there

that is ALL that matters to me…

The GAME is called


and THIS is how it is played.

look out your window..

walk INTO your neighbors yard to SEE

if it’s being played

with YOUR child.

I will never know if he was JUST being included..


if he was being “initiated”

because he was NEW to the group

or because he was different

for NOT going to school..

or what..



doesn’t really matter..

It IS a real game

and YOU don’t

want YOUR child playing it.


ONE child


lays down flat in the middle of the trampoline

while the others walk around the edge…

making it bounce…

they can then make it bounce as fast


as the group decides


the child


flops about

in the middle


a dead man.

and guess what????

it can make them..

guess what…


My son heard a crack.  Buddy asked them to stop..


These kids DID!

he started to get off, when the nice girls came..

he thought to stay on, because

as HE said

‘they make the rules”


how HARD were those darlin’ boys jumpin?????

Buddy decided to get off, his neck hurt…

Buddy always smiles,

he came to me and said it hurt, he gave me a weak smile..

He said one boy was too rowdy for him…

Then Buddy smiled bigger and

sat by me.  He played cars  with the three year old.

In less than 10 minutes we went home…

Buddy acted like NOTHING happened…

with IN an hour


we calmed him…

we soothed him..

we figured he stretched a muscle..

we STILL had YET to hear the REAL story

of the DEAD MAN game


I called the chiropractor first thing in the morning

Buddy could not straighten his head…

but assured me THAT he was fine…

BIG smile..

over some oatmeal and a Banana

I heard his story at the Chiropractors

I heard it again..

with more details..

and scared looks over to me..

the doctors face looked utterly SHOCKED


because he totally




what THAT does

to your body

do you?

He did not adjust Buddy…

He “examined” Buddy.   He had Buddy do… what Buddy could..

and sent us STRAIGHT to Immediate Care..


why.. ??

Fastest way to get X-Rays

to see if his NECK WAS BROKEN

now MY jaw was dropping..

open wallet..

my licence & my insurance card are still in my hospital overnight bag from when I had surgery on MONDAY! small panic attack…this is NOT a happy day for is LUNCH hour you see..and I have to drive all the way back up Randall and back down again..

ok..ok ok..



We did it

and.. after several hours we learn…

Torticollis- his neck is twisted…

Cervical Neck Sprain & Strained

Subluxation of C2 with relation of C3 with in the upper range for a child of this range

any further damage

could have caused spinal cord injury…

he also has a concussion…

We were told he can not run, jump, ride any toys at all..

if he falls, slips down the stairs

if we are in any sort of accident at all, even minor

we MUST bring him to hospital ER for further evaluation

because it can jar him into a more dangerous position..

it could hit the spinal cord

we are to see an Orthopedic with in a few days.

The doctor said for our “first opinion”


I don’t know if he MEANT to say that…

if it was a slip…

it wasn’t written anywhere.. 🙂

Watch for odd behavior etc etc in regards to the concussion

because an injury like this could have caused


and there is no way to know without a CT scan…


are you breathing yet?

because I was having to TELL myself to..

and then look to Buddy and smile BACK at him..


he was still

smiling at me


When the nurse came in with all the papers, she gave me the advice that ONLY a nurse can give..

a wise nurse

a nuse whose BEEN a mother perhaps?

After going through the long list of what to watch for the next 48 hours, she looked me straight in the face, and said

if YOU feel concerned in any way

if your gut just TELLS you

if you NEED to know

don’t wait

just go to the ER and find out

mothers intuition IS the best thing….

and HAD I not been reminded of THAT already???

By now.. the other kids were starved to death

and it was nearly 4 o’clock by the time we got to my mothers…

Machine Man was on his way, and was insisting in Fatherly instinct..

Which was fine..

I didn’t know if my heart wanted a CT SCAN or if guilt wanted it or intuition..

I was hungry, and miserable.. I DID want to see my mom..

Buddy was desperate to see his Oma..

and BABY needed a place to spread out and PLAY ! 🙂

The ER was pretty packed when we got there..

and getting through was no EASY Feat..

I had to advocate for my child ONCE again..

and MAMA bear came out..

Machine Man isn’t used to this..

he says I take “tone”..

He does NOT like… “emotions”

I’ll give him some “tone”


and then a bear hug!

Look at that boy!

CT Scans are NOT as safe as the FEEL when you are in them.. they carry quite a risk.. Making the decision to do this was not one we carried lightly.. Frankly we never expected his injury to be THIS serious.. We felt we had to get the FULL scope of its severity.. We needed to rule out brain injury as well. It was a prayerful, frightening decision… If you have always been told these are benign tests and safe as can be, you may not be aware that they are emitting Radiation. Your Cell phone does too. To learn more, click





and you will be suprised to know that now.. even the hospital staff was required to tell us that the test was risky…

most especially risky to children


I have known that for years.

did YOU know that?

Praise the Lord,

the results came fast

not Fast enough for Papa who was snacking on M&M’s

(Red dye 40 another cancer causing agent)

Buddy does NOT appear to have any trauma to the brain..

a concussion YES

but no bleed or anything else they could see!


so… Buddy will be having a VERY uneventful weekend

if MAMA has anything to do with it..

and then to find this Ortho guy

and then to the Chiro

to compare notes

and then to the THRONE of God

to pray about it all

and make decisions

Just wanted you all to know..

about a little game..

I knew NOTHING about..

That rumor..

about how dangerous Trampolines can be..

tis true!

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