oh what DO you do when it hits????

way back WHEN I was pregnant… BACK in the day… when gluten was god, the stars were aligned in their solar bliss, and I was still quite OBLIVIOUS to my illness… I would gnaw on salteens when such waves would hit… and they would be waves… sometimes lasting for days…

but this…this is horrid..

because while stopping DORA or what ever it was called… stopped the daily vomitting.. the nausea has NOT subsided.. and I don’t know which of the lovely little pills is the culprit… or if it’s just the combination of them all…

We won’t EVEN discuss the OTHER buisness that is happening to my digestive system… it seems TOO personal and far to disgusting to approach.. besides… hypocritical, as Buddy recently has been chastized for “potty mouth” and I certainly don’t want to have one myself!

but the NAUSEA!!!!!!!!!!!! oh help!

gluten free crackers do NOT help thus far……..

gluten free toast is simply NOT cutting it…

and if one more person tells me to try some soda..

i will tell you … NOOO


right there.

I have aconfession2make.

yes. it is true.

I was, a recovering coca cola addict. I have THANKS to this nausea… fallen OFF my proverbial WAGON…

soda being famed for helping nausea, and for needing to burp.. when gingerale won’t get the job done… coca cola to the rescue..

well my friends…… I thought… as ALL addicts think… that I could CONTROL my consumption….

NOOOO…. I could not.

I swore, I promised to myself that I would not have a single soda yesterday at all..

I had 3 before 3pm

one AT Costco

and 1 at dinner

and 1 while watching a film..

it is no wonder AT all, that though…very little is entering my body FOOD wise, and MUCH is exiting, I am not loosing any weight at all…

thank you High fructose corn syrup.

Prayer Requests needed.

Intervention requested

and alternatives to nausea desired………..

thoughts, opinions, and your general laughter at my state, welcomed, so long at it is LOVING and kind…


be nice


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5 Responses to nausea

  1. I don’t know if you’ve tried this yet, but Ginger and B6 taken together are really great for nausea. It’s the only thing that stopped me from having to take Zofran while I was pregnant. You can get both the Ginger pills and the b6 pills at walmart. I would take 500 units of Ginger and 50mg of b6 every morning before getting out of bed and every night with dinner (or an hour or two after). If I skipped even one dose I was throwing up again. It’s a homeopathic remedy for seasickness so it might be worth a try. So sorry you are having such a hard time 😦

    • sweetnika says:

      wow! That sounds so easy! Thank you so much 🙂
      any suggestions for kicking the addiction habbit?
      good news.. down from 6 sodas to 4 yesterday 🙂
      perhaps 2 or 3 today???
      praying NONE by weeks end!!!!!!!!!!
      Thanks for this great idea…
      NOTE to self… Walmart THIS week! : – )

  2. I am no help in kicking the soda addiction. I’m in the same boat. My only solution is that instead of going to the store myself I send hubby and DON’T put soda on my list. He only gets whats on the list so then it’s not in the house. Sometimes that works…sometimes not 🙂 Let me know if the ginger helps you…my sisters both use it when nauseated too…

  3. wwc says:

    boom chica wowow

  4. Mari says:

    So hard!! Though I have much nausea experience, I find nothing but distraction helps me. (i.e. movies, audio books, major in house disasters like milk all over the wall). I was nauseous through all three pregnancies, so 2.25 years later I can function fairly highly with nausea, and yet I do despise it. I hope you find a happier answer.

    Smiles, Mari

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