ill…….. cup of suffering

so it’s a lyme blog, certainly it’s ABOUT being ill…. so why a post?

because it wasn’t LYME ILL, it was some plague that struck me, from some … where?   Leaving me with a fever nearly 104, which my hubby could barely get to 102 during the first 40 hours or so of the thing… It was, perhaps influenza???? and AWFUL it is… migraine, diarrhea, photophobia, excruciating bone pains WORSE than that of my Lyme, or perhaps amplified because of???, Ice pick head ache along with the migraine, like daggers jabbing into your skull, your ears so you’d FEEL like they were bleeding.. and pains so bad triggering my asthma so that air was like precious gold….. rare and beautiful……..and dizziness….

even though it’s mostly past.. the pains have not, and I still struggle with the migraine and dizziness if I stand too long, I am very weak.. It seems to have woken my Babesia RIGHT up…

Having Lyme means suffering.  Having something like this rob you of literally days, is also suffering.

May I never forget that even if my friends are not afflicted with chronic struggles as I am… they too may have at least tasted from the cup of suffering… I think it could be easy to forget this, watching friends and family healthy and well, seemingly ALL the time.. It can be easy to believe the lies of the enemy,  “what can they KNOW of suffering”, as if My Lord saved it’s beauty and it’s trial only for me.

It is in Suffering that we learn things that can never be learned in a book or sermon.  It is IN the suffering we learn who we really are.  What grace IS, and what it is not…. if… we are blessed enough to still be seeking out in our suffering.  It is Suffering that we can meet Christ and say “yes Lord, those stripes upon your back…”and we weep WITH Him, rather than for Him…

It is IN suffering we learn a different place in grace.  We meet mercy in a whole new way, and learn to greet Mercy as if she were a long-lost friend… seeing her in the twinkle of a friends eyes, recognizing it in a neighbors help, or a teachers kindnesses… Mercy becomes glued to us and us to Mercy, where once we turned away, “not for me, don’t need help thanks” we’d say…..

In Suffering, the lessons, well, they are too plentiful to write about today, they are simply so rich, so beautiful, so plenty.  not that any of us desire suffering to learn the lesson… but it would appear THAT is the way the Lord chooses to teach us.. and in it, we can remember the cross… and how HE suffered, what HE endured…  and we can draw close comfort to a God who just… GETS IT.

So I may be drinking from that cup all day, every day, but after this weekend, my heart is afresh, and renewed…. I am thankful my for my friends and family to at least have their taste, and hope they learn from it what they can, not missing the richness of it when it comes their way… and I pray, whenever it does come.. it passes quickly…

knowing even Jesus in the Garden the very night of He was betrayed prayed to the Father

 “Father, if You are willing, remove this cup from me; yet not My will, but Yours be done.”

What a wonderful thing to know… I can pray that for those I love, and for myself… do I  hear an AMEN???   :o)



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