Getting a picc line… a family event?

about a month ago, Machine Man got a PICC line.
This post is about THE DAY he got it.
Lyme Disease can be very trying for anyone, especially frightening for children.  Machine Man and I wanted them to feel safe and ok with all the changes going on in our family, so we prayed about it, and thought it best to all take the Papa to the hospital together.. To make a day of it, and be the FAMILY that WE are in Christ..
and WHAT a day it was
first they took Machine Man away…
leaving everyone feeling blue
and worried..
so what should we do?
then they called us back to see him all prepped and ready..
he was
Buddy and a Giraffe

Buddy found the hospital Giraffe... and after leaving his Papa in THAT room to have them STICK things in him ... Buddy just NEEDED a hug, and mine.. for once wasn't enough... This guy, got the job done 🙂 sweeeet!!!

giggly BABY!

Baby has GOT the giggles!! he's making razzberries and funny noises, and even getting his feet tickled by his big sister... Isn't life great? "I'll go anywhere with this crowd! Always someone to play with me!" 🙂

 Then BACK to the waiting room where we DID whatcha do 

Princess reading to Buddy

Here Princess is reading a story to Buddy.... Read and turn to show him 🙂 She's a sweet girl... helping the time pass for our antzy pants Kindergartner! 🙂

boyz readin' at hospital

Here are two of my lads reading at the hosptial.. waiting for their Papa's procedure to be done.. Isn't C.S. wonderful reading to his wee bro like this? ohhh I love my boys!

PICC is in

After all the waiting, the PICC line is finally IN!!! (fingers crossed and prayers being lifted that this medicine makes my man better!

 and they called us back to see the Papa! 

First Picc line treatment

Here is Machine Man (aka Papa) getting his 1st treatment of Rocephrin at the Hospital Oncology Wing... He looks so stoic doesn't he? ahhh Machine Man i love you 🙂

 After all that, we had to get Papa his “fancy first drip”

and we walk all the way to the Hospital Oncology Unit…

It feels sad, and scary there…

The kids talk about Oma (german for Grandma)

and how they are so worried about her and her struggles with Cancer..

it suddenly makes LYME even scarier

Art Therapy

HOW wonderful! The Art Therapist asked if my blessings would enjoy some time painting with her while their Papa gets treatment 🙂 yes yes yes!!

Buddy Painting at Art Therapy at Hospital

Buddy is our Artist.. He is taking this job VERY seriously

C.S. Art Therapy at Hospital

C. S. being creative with his paints... the mask must be JUST right

Princess doing Art therapy at Hospital

The Princess Painting away.....

and what a great way to leave the day..

everyone painted a mask,

Papa (Machine Man) has his PICC line

and Mama is tuckered out..

But no one FEELS wierd about it now.. it seems NORMAL because they were a PART of the process..

NOTHING feels hidden from them..

and a little ART therapy is a good thing..

wonder how we could do that weekly????


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