Fieldtrips – beyond the doctors office

School has begun, and Autumn is here…
despite lyme disease, and it’s many friends.. life must continue
and with it, THIS mother, must MAKE memories,
 must fill the calendar with things OTHER than doctor appointments
& so…
I planned a mini field trip with my neighbor and friend, and her lovely daughter!
Buddy and this precious little girl are BOTH in Kindergarten and are fast friends…
we live just down the street, and for the purpose of THIS blog we shall hereby refer to the other princess as “Darling”
because she IS just that!

jonagold apple

guess where we went!

oh yes, we went to the Orchard!

and we PICKED our own apples!

Right off the tree!

(ya actually twist them off as to not damage the tree)

Baby & the apples

well SOME of us did anyways…

some of us just tried to sneak the fruits of the labors of others…

wait dear Baby.. think “apple sauce” !!!

The Gang + Darling

I confess, after picking a WHOLE basket, I did buy some pumpkin fudge, and some cider… yum

aren’t those kids looking happy???

Karl's Kountry Market... just stoppin' for gas

our adventure included ME almost running out of gas in middle of NOwhere’s illinois!


I am sooooo not kidding!

I forgot to get gas before we left and it was WAY empty when I found Karl’s Kountry Market

homeward bound... stopping by the side of the road

With gas in the tank,

it really was feeling adventurous again…

the mist hanging just over the ground… I simply had to pull over the whole gang over

and take this photo…

I rather think it was worth the effort and wet feet 🙂

what do you think?

I didn’t feel well for this event… but it made ME feel better doing it..

funny how that works..

Thank you Lord for encouraging me, and giving me a friend to push me on…

and blessings to NEED these “field trips”

Lord you are so good to me 🙂


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Home Educator, Loving Wife, Born again Christian, decorating, photogaphing, blogging, reading adventurer, off on an exciting new adventure!
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