Weekly visitor..

We have a visitor who comes to our home..
she comes just once every seven days.
she comes to work,
NOT to play
ha ha… this can’t rhyme the whole way through…

bare picc line

 you see that PICC line they put in

needs  to be cleaned & checked each week by a nurse

she comes to our home and sets herself up


 looks through our medicine,

makes sure we are all set, reminds us to tell the Rx of anything we are running low on…

she gathers her gloves and all her needs for the BIG event and sets right in 

prepping picc during change

it’s not easy and when she opens the bandage she wears a mask… you have to look away. 

The PICC goes straight to the heart, and you don’t want to breath germs on it while she’s cleaning,

so we all stand away.

measuring the arm

she measures the arm each week, to check for any changes…

sealing up the clean picc line

when it’s all good to go, she puts the new bandage back on.

and… it’s done!

and wah lah, it is completely done!  Her visit also includes ooooodles of questions for Papa, like how he’s feeling, what symptoms he’s having, and things like that… It takes a little time, and she comes each and every week to make sure all is going well.  Such is life on IV antibiotics…

medical gloves

we have oooodles of gloves… because we use these EVERY day…

life sure is different around here 🙂

JUST got a new shipment of “large” in !

more on what a “daily infusion” looks like later!



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