getting perspective

Sometimes Life, can get very stressful…
Sometimes we can’t get the bathroom CLEAN
because we can’t see past the grout and each individual tile
we work so hard on the little things we can
without meaning to
mess up the bigger picture…
and when that happens..
we usually FEEL it happening
because we are SO stressed out
so overwhelmed
we can’t SEE straight
and the fight or flight instinct kicks into HIGH gear
up close and personal with no perspective
recently I really felt this way.. and after a LOT of prayer… The Lord placed my dear friend Sue on my heart.. so I called her.. See… I have an AMAZING life.. and I KNOW it.. I have AMAZING kids and I KNOW it.. I have a TERRIFIC husband… and I KNOW it..

but… when I am feeling totally out of sorts over dishes, books and messes, I need to get a grip on life again.. Because I am sweating the small stuff and that is just plain silly…
but how do you STOP sweating the small stuff…?
when you KNOW that YOU are doing just that??
and you don’t want to?
how I did it, was I called Sue.. set up an escape, called my man who LOVINGLY and wonderfully said GO GO GO with my blessing,
packed my bags and left in less than 24 hours

gaining perspective... mile by mile...

sitting on the train… I felt my breath getting deeper with each passing mile..
missing my blessings already..
thinking how wonderful they all are
but knowing …
I needed some time…
to just BE me
not the wife, mother, daughter, sister, teacher, care taker, taxi driver, tutor, counselor, gluten-free chef
just me
and with Sue
there is nothing but me
you see we’ve been friends since College
since our girlhood days
Before Machine Man and I were an “ITEM” 🙂
before motherhood became my main course
before my life was all about other people
when things really WERE about me
with Sue
I am just a woman, a friend, a gal…
and for one night
I needed that..
so I packed a bag …
and headed into the city for a girlie slumber party!

yes.. her man was OUT of town 

so we had the pad to our selves!

A little Wine, some chocolate, and candles and a whole LOT of chitchat

made for a wonderful unwind

catch UP evening 

tis true there is NO night off from gluten-free life… or lyme for that matter
but check out this amazing Gluten Free Margarita Pizza we made!
Super wonderful!!!
That is Namaste Crust, Fresh Tomato’s, Mushrooms, Spinach, Basil, Onion
1/2 with Olive Oil 1/2 Tomato Sauce
all with a wonderful sliced fresh mozzarella Cheese Cooked to PERFECTION!
Be jealous. just a little bit..
and then.. go MAKE SOME!

breakfast omlette

for some odd reason… I WILL NEVER understand.. I woke early..
even though we were up late..
I showered, dressed, prepared myself, and started prepping to make us a Omlette!
When Sue woke up that is just what we had!
Along with some juice and fabulous coffee 🙂

peaceful window view

 cooking by this lovely view in the morning was a nice change..

my view at home is terrific too.. but sometimes..

a change is all you need to enjoy your OWN view..

sigh.. Perhaps I just miss our travels..

all these years of traveling have always made me MISS my home..

trying to sell it for so long have made me want to rid my SELF of it so desperately

that I have perhaps lost my joy in it..

that is NOT a good place to be

We need to have JOY where EVER the Lord has placed us

not such a great photo, of a MOST beautiful woman, a dear friend for nearly 20 years.. love you Sue!

Though she may be VERY annoyed at me, because THIS is hardly a flattering picture of a TRULY gorgeous lady, HERE she is… my dear friend.. who was my escape.. who gave an ear to hear,  couch to giggle upon, a kitchen to cook in, a bed to rest my weary soul in…

Praise the Lord for friendships… they surely are made in heaven… may the Lord bless this dear friend of mine!

have you ever just needed an escape… ?

sometimes going to the park can be enough… sometimes calling a friend…

sometimes escaping in a good book a few minutes each day..

perhaps a Bible study once a week..

sometimes though… getting a baby sitter and getting away for a day or an evening is important… to gain perspective to get clear.. because ya don’t wanna be yelling, or freaking out on the kids and the man… (or woman)

be sure you are going somewhere SAFE, away from temptations… somewhere you can be clear, and clean, and rejuvenated… refreshed…

and don’t forget… about your marriage… if you are IN one.. Lyme, and any chronic illness can be a REAL and very present stress, and THREAT to your relationship.. try to get away… EVEN if that means BEGGING a friend to watch the kids for a couple of hours..

are you broke? can’t afford a real date?  I am SO right there with ya! 

Perhaps you could grab some coffee, or a smoothie and go to the park, bring blankets if it is cold, and snuggle up on a bench, or walk if you can, and just BE together.. talk, or KISS!  hold hands again, laugh, have some wine, even if it is the alcohol free kind.. try… to be intentional… or just put the kids to bed early, and snuggle on the couch.. and threaten them all to NOT come down.. rent a romantic comedy, and giggle together.. play a game of cards, or something together.. LOOK at each other and KNOW,

we will be healed, we will get better, and we will LOVE through this..

be hopeful.. be each others hope

and when you run out..

go get some more hope…

fill up in the Word of God… when your eyes are bleary, listen to it… and know.. we are focused on one part of the painting.. we are focusing so intently.. take a step back… and breath..

breath in the whole picture..

for life.. as painful as it can be… life really is beautiful

and you. you really are loved


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