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Back in the day……….. I learned to menu plan.. YES I am artistic, scatty, and absent-minded.. but, also a mother, a wife, and a home educator.  Thus seeing where I lack as a human.. (organizational skills) I set about to learn more about HOW to succeed better in these areas in which I so lacked..

Learning to incorporate a schedule of cooking was difficult for me.  See I was a student of the Culinary Arts.. to ME cooking IS an art.. Food, is but another medium to explore … like watercolor, oils, photography, or my pen… Food, spices, herbs… ahhhh mix THAT with the rigidity of a schedule… of a planned menu… of boring foods (thanks to finicky picky children at that time) was just droll…………. and depressing to me.

Add that, and the fact that MANY of these Menu planning books that were out at the time, were very, very bad.  NOT that the concepts were bad, but the recipes were.. IN my humble opinion… These housewives may have found an easy crockpotty way out of the droll task of KP duty… but what on EARTH were they doing to the ART of COOKING???


But try as I may, I needed to learn the concept… and so I tried out their recipes to learn the concepts.. and we gagged on Americana foods… we oi vey’ed at the canned recipes and my family was thrilled when I finally grasped enough of it, to fit OUR recipes into those concepts…

Born was for us what became a 30-60 day meal event.. I would take a friend (sometimes) and prep for a good 2 days after shopping and planning was done.. Prepping consisted of marinade making, cheese grating, veggie chopping… and then on the final day, all the meals were put together… Because we aren’t HUGE casserole folks, NOT many of our recipes were casseroles…. many were things like Roasts sitting in the marinade in a Ziploc, with veggies in a Ziploc to go into a joint bag with the Roast along with a note of what to grab from the pantry… like bake rolls, add 5 potatoes serves 6….

another might be steak fajita’s… steak in marinade in Ziploc peppers/onions in separate Ziploc, tortillas in bag, shredded cheddar in a small bag, all these placed in a larger bag in freezer with a note to grab things like sour cream, salsa, chop some tomato, grab some avocado, the chips with the note on them in the pantry that were SET ASIDE for THIS meal, and wa- la!  a delicious meal… very fresh, very ready to go, VERY delicious … I would stir fry up the meat, tossing the veggies bake up the tortilla, while we got the fresh produce ready !  The cheese in a nice dish defrosting, out comes the sour cream etc etc and a beautiful meal, is served in NO time flat.. with no deep thinking on my part but weeks and weeks ago…

win win for a spacey artsy girl like me… I LOVE working my butt off to not have to work later… 🙂 Really it was like 3-5 days of working my fanny off and then a month (or two) meals planned and IN my freezer.. I knew what to buy for what week.. but I really didn’t have to think, or do much.. just put it OUT. simply genius!  And when I say 30-60 days, I do mean weekend meals, including lovely breakfast casseroles. I DO mean lunches for the hubby to take to work, and for the children to pop into the oven or toaster oven, or soups to just heat up on the stove.. already made.. YES, being a culinary arts student and learning to cook bulk seemed to have it’s advantages!  (even if I was a drop out) And might I add, this was a HUGE blessing on our budget!  Best still was if I could get a friend to do it with me 🙂  Double the recipes double the fun!  I can get MORE variety in, for a better price, and have a pal to work with 🙂 woo hoo!!!!!!!!

Then enter Gluten Free LIFE>……….. and ….. some of us with Casein allergies… and Soy allergies.. – and…

I am finally after a LONG long long struggle beginning to attempt to re look at menu planning once again..

NOT 60 days..

no.. just 1 week… maybe 2…

we shall see how it goes…

it’s far more tricky.. but TACA is a super website for helping in this area!  They have a whole section on MENU planning! HERE

so if YOU find you are struggling with getting all of IT together, and you are adjusting to the whole new world of allergies.. check out this great group!  They are all about Autism, and all about HELPING out with getting you and your families diet ON task, to help with what ails you… and that … well THAT is amazing.. especially when I keep reading about how linked LYME disease IS to Autism…….

Happy planning!  I better get back to it!


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