so WHAT is Lyme Disease anyways?

Ahhhh that IS the question.. Bravo to you for asking the question!

It is known as the NEW, the NEXT “Great Impostor”… What EVER was the first great impostor you are wondering… fearful to even ask you may be… trying NOT (like me) to appear … dare I say it.. ignorant… well… I am a gal FULL of grace and blunt as blunt can be.. I had NO CLUE what the “GREAT IMPOSTOR” was… and so I learned…

THE “Great Impostor” was syphilis… a spirochete, or corkscrew shaped bacterium.  syphilis???  Like didn’t Jack the Ripper  have that or something??????????? Creepy! Wasn’t that like systemic?  Can’t that like Get INTO BRAIN and stuff??? Isn’t that sexually transmitted??? Can’t that like… get through the placenta & the breast milk and be given to your baby congenitally??? Lyme is like THAT????

hmmm yea it’s like that sort of… Lyme disease is like a distant cousin… or a maybe NOT so distant cousin of syphilis…  It’s FANCY name is Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb).  Named after it’s discoverer (as all fun diseases seem to be) the wonderful Dr. Willy Burdorfer.  He is with the National Institutes of Health 🙂  

So where did Bb get the whole “LYME” name??? Well it was from the big whistle blowing that took place in Lyme Connecticut back in the 70’s… A bunch of people, ooodles of kids were getting sick with the same symptoms, and one mom, she really got mad… and made a big tadoo, till the Health dept. HAD to get involved… and so… it was named for the town those folks were from… LYME Conn. 🙂

How are Lyme and syphilis different??? well… I don’t know ALL the details.. but one way is that Lyme isn’t cured with a simple dose of penicillin..

According to Dr. Scott Taylor “Lyme Disease is a seriously complex multi-system inflammatory disease that is triggered by the bacterial lipoproteins produced by the spiral shaped bacterial called Borrelia.  Borrelia are difficult to isolate, grow, and stud in the laboratory.  So our technical knowledge of this pathogen is poor compared to our understanding of most bacteria that cause disease.  Transmission of Borrelia occurs primarily through the bite of tics.  The disease affects every tissue and every major organ system in the body.  Clinically, it can appear as chronic arthralgia (joint pain), fibromyalgia (fibrous connective tissue and muscle pain), chronic fatigue, immune dysfunction and as neurological disease.  LD may even be fatal in severe cases…”

Dr. Taylor goes on to say that Lyme is frequently misdiagnosed as

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic fatigue
  • immune Dysfunction Syndrome (DFIDS)
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Lupus
  • Parkinson’s
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Motor Neuron Disease (ALS- Lou Gherig’s Disease)
  • Multiple Chemical Sensitivity syndrome (MCS)
  • etc

Many other doctors have found links between Lyme Disease and Autism.. enough that volumes of books and websites are dedicated to the topic. 

The spirochete can worm their way, cuz they are like corkscrews.. THINK of that cool wine bottle opener.. and how easily it just GOES through the cork… and gets in where NO air got in before… the spirochete does this!  It worms its way through tendons, into muscles, into bones, and even organs!  It can cause lesions on the brain!  Researchers have learned that it can even change it’s very shape, that nasty bugger!  All to avoid detection.. and in the doing so.. making some antibiotic treatments null and void.. HOW?

Well, some will kill it in spirochete form, some in cyst form.. These things are just NASTY!According to Dr. David Williams “… the bacteria can also change forms to avoid detection when confronted by components of your immune system or various antibiotics, and then turn back again when a threat to their survival is no longer present.   These unusual properties of Bb have caused the unprecedented amount of confusion in the medical community and within the public as well”

GREAT.. so we have a confusing, confounding disease.. that even most doctors do not quite, comprehend.. fun fun… or rather.. NOT so fun…

Researchers are finding that while the most common way to get Lyme is through the tick,… it is NOT the only way.. how else?? mosquitos? Mites? fleas? blood transfusions.. and no we don’t check for that here in the states… but if you tell them ya got it.. they’d rather NOT have your blood from what I’ve heard.. thanks anyways 🙂

and the scary part is this.. it ISN’t JUST the “deer tick”.  Every where I look, I find researcher, doctor, and scientist telling me that besides the one, the black legged, the lone star tics, the western black legged ticks, the wood ticks or dog ticks can ALL transmit this wretched disease!  The potential at this point… is that ALL ticks may carry it..

This disease is FAR more common that people realise.. it’s the #1 infectious disease in the country, and quite the problem world wide!  It is also TERRIBLY misdiagnosed, even when the right test is given.. Machine Man for just ONE example, was given the correct test from IgenX, and yet had a doctor read it WRONG… he clearly has lyme, it read lyme and the doctor felt.. uncertain, and confused by the test.. wanting to have us spend HUNDREDS of more dollars to run further tests to help that doctor “feel better” and “feel more certain” of a diagnoses…

THAT is when people need to find a LYME Wise.. or LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor)… does that just mean a doctor who reads A whole heck of a lot about lyme?

because it seems like any schmo can read a whole heck of a lot of ANYTHING on the internet and declare themselves literate on anything.. WHAT do you mean Five??

What it MEANS is this.. That the doctor went for training.  The doctor is ILADS trained, and mentored.. 🙂  Find one of these!  The sad fact is that most of us are just ignorant about things in this world.. I am OLD enough to admit, that there are ooooodles of topics that I am plain ignorant on… so I try to learn, I read, research, and ask questions, and IF I am so inclined, I take a class on the topic.. Only an arrogant brat thinks they know everything there is to know about everything..


the truth is.. Doctors, MD’s, DO’s and all the rest of them, are people JUST like ME.. and last time I CHECKED

they even admit they are “practicing” medicine.. they are NOT doing anything but practicing..


if i remember correctly.. MEDICINE used to be Science and Art…

so lets get back to basics….

and NOT set these guys up to be something they are not, lets not elevate them to a status they do not deserve… Most doctors are plain ignorant about lyme, because there isn’t a LOT of data out there being let in to the schools, into the texts, they don’t know because they are not taught.. There are only a few in the country that ARE knowledgeable about lyme… and we refer to them as LLMDs.  Finding one is a Lyme patients BEST bet!

So it’s a nasty scary little bug that changes shape, defys all odds, baffles doctors, masks itself as other diseases, burrows itself everywhere in your body, confusing the medicine so you have to take cocktail versions, messes with your ability to digest certain foods, or tolerate chemicals/perfumes, and utterly alters your whole life.

Well that all sucks…….

Where is Jesus in your lyme disease you wonder???????

Everywhere?  Every day… Loving me, and mine.. teaching us the beauty of the cross… teaching us how sin permeates so deep into our sinew… entrenching itself into our very core, and yet.. in the suffering.. I meet my Savior… I can learn HIM better, identify with Him more deeply, lean on Him for every need… and thank Him with an earnestness I never KNEW before…

Lyme disease, a nightmare, yet with my KING….a blessing.


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