well.. it CERTAINLY is NOT uncommon in the “lyme” circles I am dancing in..

but we really are UNcertain as to the HOW we are going to pay for meds.. and so we just… haven’t.. and it’s been a couple weeks since they’ve been prescribed.. We can’t put more on credit.. and there just isn’t any more here.. so we are getting help with selling some things, and hopefully that will happen VERY shortly…

other UNcertains…

Waiting to hear if my PICC line will even BE covered by insurance.. it’s been a week, and still no word.. it did NOT take this long for Machine Man to get word… so … we all are wondering…

Uncertain as to if C.S.’s POTS Syndrome is progressing or if there is more than one “cardiac” issue happening with him.. his symptoms are very concerning, and he’s getting more and more black outs.. We see a Dr next week to discuss a sleep study, but we are beginning to think we MAY need to see a pediatric cardiologist soon.. and not all know much about LYME or about POTS… so prayer on THAT would be really appreciated…

Princess has oodles of mouth sores, we have found a wonderful mouth rinse, adding baking soda, along with some specific relief aids are helping, but just as one goes away… another appears.. it is very aggravating to her. Many of the healing arts books recommend things like wheat and barley grasses.. but as she is sensitive to these.. we DON’T think THAT ‘d be a very smart idea… She’s also getting more and more spinal pain, leg and feet pain..

Buddy legs and feet are getting worse and worse… The plain fact that our insurance will NOT cover his allergists, or treatments has left him in terrible shape, his immune system is just NOT what it could be, or frankly SHOULD be going into this lyme treatment.  We are trying D-Hist, and it is offering SOME relief, though… NOT what we would see from his immunotherapy with Dr. O.  His behavior at times is simply OUT of control, and it upsets him, because HE does NOT like feeling this way, does NOT want his brother or sister mad at him, and feels terrible that he keeps breaking things; and getting hushed at the library for being too loud.. but his whole system is swollen from allergens, and it presses on his ears and he can not hear correctly when this happens.. so he talks louder to accommodate..   It doesn’t help when people wear such awful amounts of perfumes and hair products that you can smell them LONG after they have left the elevator…   the other day we went to the hospital to visit my mother.. we all got on the elevator.. and had to GET OFF.. who EVER had been in there before had totally LEFT their mark.. the way some animal would..

simply barbaric !

That said… we won’t even GET into me.. except to say.. I am trying hard to work on a diet to help flush gently Machine Man’s liver and the sediment in his gall bladder..because it keeps acting up.. I have a nice little drink for him that helps when it REALLY flares up… and he loves it.. and it does help.. but the diet is hard… but I believe it is beginning to work.. It is found in Paul Pritchfords book “Healing with Whole Foods”. 

All that, and my beloved Mother, the most terrific Oma, is sick in hospital.. and we are grieved… stretched… and saddened.. Praying ceaselessly for her recovery… and cursing the demon that IS Cancer.  Blessed be the Lord who gave me such a beautiful soul in my Mother… and such a great Father…. really I have wonderful parents… and seeing them go through this valley.. is so painful.

So many things are uncertain right now.. the economy.. if our home will EVER sell ?? 🙂  where we would even END up moving to… how to pay all this mounting medical debt… how to pay for medicine for the children.. how to heal.. how my mom will heal… and it goes on and on really..

But then.. there are those things that are certain…

That God so LOVED us.. that He sent His Son.. A Son who died for OUR sins… Who rose again.. to Redeem us.. A Son who IS Christ Jesus.. who IS a healer… who came for the LOST (and oooh how lost i often feel oooh how I long to be healed)… that Son… PROMISED to never leave me and mine.. to NEVER forsake us.. and ya know what?

He hasn’t…

He beseeches the Father on our behalf constantly… and THAT is HUGE!  It is a comfort.. God Blessed us with one another.. to love, to lift up, to encourage, to enjoy, to bless, to laugh with, to giggle with, to hold hands with… to make merry with, EVEN in times of trial, to weep with… and so.. so that we do..

Despite all the uncertainty in life… He has given me the most important things as CERTAINTies…

LOVE, HOPE, GRACE, MERCY, Peace, Himself, His people, HIS promise, HIS Word

all that other stuff.. money, health, home, stuff… it sure is nice to have.. but when you don’t have it.. believe me.. YOU don’t want to be with out those REALLY important things.. REALLY.. you don’t


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1 Response to uncertainty…

  1. Naomi says:

    Hello Sweet One,

    I am rally sorry to hear about your mom. I understand the difficulty. God has blessed you with a precious woman in your life who raised you and loved you. May the Lord give you grace in this time. My His fragrance be about you. Oh Father, please hold her in your hands. May YOU be glorified in all of this. In Jesus’
    name. Amen.

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