more prayers … answered…

They called…

They Came

They Blessed

They left


Between feeding Baby, Changing Baby’s diaper, and doing some work around the house, I NEVER expected them to be done so quickly that I wouldn’t be able to JOIN in to help … LET alone get a single photo of our rescuers…

We had a storage facility.. hiding our “clutter”… because our “ABODE” is for sale… & all good realtors are required to tell you .. that you just plain HAVE too much stuff..

and I do..

I have a LOT of books..

I have a LOT of kids

I packed a LOT away

and still I am told I have a LOT of clutter.. to which I roll my eyes and have paid my check to the storage facility anyway… trying to squirrel away more each week or so..  Trying so hard to DE clutter our home… But.. being ill, while taking care OF ill people makes keeping it all LOOKING, or APpearing decluttered, is next to the IMPOSSIBLE… add that to the storage facilities decision to increase it’s rate EACH month for the past 3 months or so.. and we just CAN NOT do this arrangement any longer..

It all had to come home.. we NEED that money for medicine.. It was officially up to $105 a month… and THAT is a LOT of cash… But with Machine Man sort of One Armed because of his PICC line.. and Princess so weak from her pains.. and myself EVER the wimp.. The monumental task seemed …


so we put it off… and it became bigger.. (oh the bill did too) and it loomed over us.. and then we thought about it.. and it was like a BURDEN.. & then… like a light bulb.. It occured to us..


so we did..

and C.S. asked his friends to help..

???? seriously.. ??? That’s nice and all.. but… will they really wanna help??? turns out.. YES.. A whole host of them.. Oh.. And the Mom… and one of the Dads… and they are bringing a trailer.. And MY friend offered HER trailer… And NOW we have TWO trailers… Another family, and a host of teenaged boys to help move all our stuff BACK into our basement..

I get this call from the amazing and WONDERFUL mom Martina saying she “heard” we needed some help moving… and MOVE they did!.. They met our guys @ the facility… They came unloaded, left to get one more load.. unloaded and left…

They had this very busy day.. serving people… They had church.. they had this and that.. and they just SQUEEZED in blessing our family… Isn’t that just……. amazing? Terrific? Fantastic?

The mom even called later and apologized for being rude?

???? WHAT??

no no no… SHE had a huge busy day with JUST a few short hours free.. and SHE saw that as an opportunity to BLESS my family………. there is NO room to feel bad for not getting to stay and… visit! (laughing)  because we are over here blown away at how AWESOME IS OUR GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all that


another prayer got answered

we were going to cancel our phone.. it just costs too much

Comcast came by and offered this great deal.. then they changed their mind.. then they called with a better deal.. because they realized we wouldn’t budge…

Then.. the guys who came around offering the first deal, who had a great deal, but had their deal wrecked by someone ELSE in the system.. came walking around following up.. and found out about all this.. and THEY didn’t like that.. and they offered us an even BETTER deal still…

so I think that ends up being a savings of another $50 or so a month on phone & cable! 🙂

so all together, it looks like in about a week,

God has shown us how to free up $155 a month…and given us some great new friends to boot…

I would say that THAT is a LOT of answered prayers!  all that, and a super time at a new church on Sunday 🙂  woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!

praying…….. cuz while $150 a month is a HUGE amount…  our needs are at this time rather enormous.. and it’s JUST the beginning!  soooo exciting to see God working!


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Home Educator, Loving Wife, Born again Christian, decorating, photogaphing, blogging, reading adventurer, off on an exciting new adventure!
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2 Responses to more prayers … answered…

  1. Mari says:

    Sweet friend, I am so glad for your blessings!! Thank you for sharing your gifts from the Lord with the rest of us. Hugs!

  2. Jen says:

    God is great! So glad your prayers were answered. They will continue to be. You will get by. My prayers are with you!

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