So… finding a Dr who specializes in POTS has been… interesting.  NOT as easy as finding an ordinary doctor … a bit more difficult than one might imagine


Well… I needed a Pediatric Cardiologist specializing in electrophysiology who treats POTS…

trying to find one who knew anything about lyme… well it wasn’t even worth trying to find one.. so  we just stuck with the above fancy search… and it was still hard.. especially to find one with a good rating…

YES for any doctors out there reading… WE RATE YOU.. If you are rude, late, uncaring, uncompassionate, flippant with us, or our children… there are sites where we can RATE you… with OUT gossiping, complaining or seeming spiteful in ANY way…


So finding one of these doctors in Northern Illinois was a bit tricky… Then getting an appointment with the one I wanted was NEXT to impossible… I was able to squeeze a time in with his partner… We were feeling that the situation with C.S. was getting perhaps… more urgent… his symptoms, increasing, and a bit more… startling…

  • Black out
  • sound outs
  • balance issues
  • palpitations
  • weakness
  • increased fatigue
  • near fainting (but not quite)
  • throbbing heart
  • some chest pain
  • pain in leg
  • blurry vision

These are just some of the ones I am recalling… The increased frequency and intensity, had Machine Man and I on rather the EDGE of our seats… for all of a sudden, the color would simply drain from our strong sons face, and we would see him grab for something to sit, or hold on to… Let me tell you.. THAT is a bit FREAKY!  Our kid is strong, he’s in Karate, he’s a strong swimmer, a good athlete, he is NOT by nature weak… and frankly… He is NOT weak … PERIOD… even with POTS.. even with LYME.. he is strong, and growing.. into a robust young man…

One concern with Lyme and kids his age is heart block.. We wanted to see the BEST of the doctors we could find, to be CERTAIN that we are ONLY dealing with POTS and not … POTS and…. ?????

Well… after spending HOURS in the car driving to see this doctor… we feel confident the Lord has led us in the Right direction YET AGAIN!  Thank you all for your continued prayers 🙂  He agreed with the POTS diagnoses, saying we couldn’t have “quoted from a text book any better the symptoms” ! ha ha!

The doctor also felt that because of a few of the symptoms, and the rapid growth that C.S. is experiencing at this age (3 inches in just about a week!) We need to get him on a heart monitor for one month, to be certain, it is ONLY POTS, and not … POTS &….. ??? 🙂


The doctor concurred with everything we said, he was quite happy with our questions and how knowledgeable we were on the topic.. which frankly THRILLED all of us… 🙂  HE IS THE “expert” after all …. made me feel like I was back in college and had done all my homework! LOL!

So… that said, we LIKED this doctor. C.S. LIKED HIM! (Super important) He seems MORE than competent, VERY knowledgeable, very eager to go as natural as possible, having had oooodles of suggestions for C.S. to try before we even THINK about meds.

another YEAH!  (because we all know how much my family is loving meds…right?) ha ha!

so what were some of the suggestions?

  • squat like a catcher – squeezes vessels getting things MOVING
  • cross legs like soldiers do & squeeze – constricting those vessels again!
  • over hydrate your body  (drinking about 60 oz of fluid daily!)
  • season your food with sea salt!  season season
  • Salty snacks, for us GF pretzels, chips, popcorn things like that
  • compression shorts that go above hips/socks
  • Vitamin B12 o Vitamin B complex (lowest dose in am)
  • Vitamin D – helps with fatigue that comes with POTS
  • Attempt treadmill daily trying for 20 minutes… break up if need be (5 days a week)
  • Exercise ball for school – helps core muscles – learn few exercises and do in between lessons

Just some SUPER ideas!  We are starting these and waiting for the heart monitor… we contact the Doc again in a couple of weeks via email… to begin our online dialogue 🙂

exciting… and hopeful… and glad that even though NOT much is done for POTS, we have at the very least… someone in our pocket.. on our side.. who is there, if something goes … wacky! 🙂

very happy about THAT!

Thank you LORD! for another answered PRAYER


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