when things don’t GO according to plan……

on tuesday i got my PICC line put in…

it got put in an hour later than they said it would.. making the munchkins wait longer still in the waiting room…

Then there was some great gargantuan mess up with the Infusion center.. and who was supposed to schedule my appointment and who was not… Lots of finger pointing, and finally after MUCH mayhem and blah blah blah they got me in.. after a late lunch that was pathetic & expensive.. and I find it SO obnoxious that hospitals OF ALL PLACES still are so clueless to GLUTEN INTOLERANCE… considering Celiac patients OFTEN need to come there!  I have to insert in the midst of my rant that the staff at this hospital is simply wonderful.. simply delightful… and it made every mistake, or misunderstanding… BEARABLE! and fine… really they were kindest of any EVER!

So after eating a gluten free salad… and burger with no bun specially cooked for me 🙂  I went to the infusion center.. for my meds…

only to find out the meds I THOUGHT I was getting werent the meds ordered for me… I was ACTUALLY getting some other meds.. Thanks to my insurance.

then We start the drip…

with in 10 minutes, my hands are flaming red… my face is flaming red, I am breaking out in hives and my chest is very heavy, I feel my breathing beginning to get messy and screwed up…

yep… YOU guessed it.. I am allergic to Rocepherine……..

The Nurses Rock!  They get everything needed to walk me off the perverbial ledge that I feel my body rocking back and forth upon… and so I doze.. in and out of awareness… as they learn that NO I should not have steroids… and YES I can have this or that..

at the end of it all, we are sent home thinking we’d JUST come back the next day to try a new med… but.. someone somewhere messed up… and now it’s Saturday.. and I STILL don’t have meds.. We are waiting for the Insurance company to approve Doxycycline… see.. they don’t know if they wanna give that to me.. so … here I wait with a PICC line.. using Machine Man’s Saline each day, to keep it from drying out…

NOT a safe, or happy, or healthy solution… We can’t afford to pay out of pocket.. We can’t afford to pay for this drama… THIS is really pathetic.. and frankly I don’t CARE who made the mistake.. I just want it taken care of… I want answers.. Like..

WHY can’t I have meds?

 WHY wasn’t this all straight BEFORE we stuck a PICC line into me?

WHY wasn’t a PLAN B in place??? 

 IS there a PLAN C if I just happen to be allergic to Doxy???

I don’t care whose fault it is, I am tired of everyone pointing fingers, or playing the blame game.. I AM A MOTHER… I deal with it every day.. so getting it from hospitals, doctors offices, home health care services, and insurance companies REALLY gets pathetic.

GROW UP People.

or just take this blasted thing out of me.

because THIS is somehow… just NOT ok NOT professional NOT even RIGHT

in any sense of any of those terms……

and there is NO excuse…

Wednesday was chaos.. and Baby has therapy….

Thursday was Chaos and Baby was ill… so doctors…and pharmacies

Thursday NIGHT and all day Friday was C.S.’s sleep study … so I was.. OTHERWISE engaged..

and still no real resolution.. till now..

now I can make an appointment…

to go in to hospital and try ONE dose of doxycycline.. but I STILL do NOT have a clue.. if my insurance will pay for it… all I will learn.. is if I am allergic to it or not..


I had NO idea that getting this PICC line was just a fun way to find out what drugs I am allergic to…really really fast, out of pocket prices…

Good thing all this is gonna burn Jesus… can I throw the match ?

XOXOXOXO to you!


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Home Educator, Loving Wife, Born again Christian, decorating, photogaphing, blogging, reading adventurer, off on an exciting new adventure!
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1 Response to when things don’t GO according to plan……

  1. Mari says:

    Sweet friend! It sounds so harrowing. We continue in prayer for your situation. Maybe God will bring a new doc into your sights to find better treatment. Praying for that and the healing of your family.


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