To see or not to See..

What is a girl to do…

when her WHOLE family is swallowed up in illness and medical issues….  When it’s LYME and…. so many other things… not JUST co-infections… and it’s hard to discern if certain issues were caused BY lyme.. or just ARE…

What is a girl to do.. when she looks in the mirror and no longer sees “girl” but woman?  Greying hair, laugh lines, and weight that came from ???  What is that girl to do, when she finds herself the wife, the mother, the one who needs to comfort, consort, be confided in, and have answers for… and she has so many questions herself?

What is a girl to do… when her calendar is jam packed with doctors appointments for each member of the family, and she is suddenly afraid to call and even make JUST one more, because she isn’t sure how that will interfere with all the others… she just doesn’t KNOW where they’ll all BE, or what insurance they’ll have in the new year… and it’s sooo .. well… freaky!

What is a girl to do?

When she realizes she is NOT a girl anymore?

But she still IS someone’s little girl?  And that beautiful someone, who raised her, loved her, from cradle to today needs her??? What is that very stretched, very ill girl to do?

Does she go and see this doctor, or that?

Does she risk it all, and rally funds, sell her everything in hopes of changing the course of her families medical lives, in the hopes of HEALING, really and truly healing… to do what is on her heart to do… at the risk of NOT being “little girl” during this most IMPORTANT “Christmas Season”…. ???

What is a girl to do? You wonder too?


Ask the Lord.. HE will respond

Seek the Lord… He will be found

Knock upon HIS door… It will be opened to her…



About sweetnika

Home Educator, Loving Wife, Born again Christian, decorating, photogaphing, blogging, reading adventurer, off on an exciting new adventure!
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2 Responses to To see or not to See..

  1. Anne says:

    I feel the same way, dear friend. It’s as if you wrote the thoughts from my mind.
    You are loved.
    You are cherished.
    You are safe within His embrace.

  2. Anne says:

    I, too, am asking the Lord, “what should we be about this Christmas season?”.

    Our lives are a daily testament to the spiritual vs physical worlds. Christmas-time offers a poignant opportunity to break through the mundane commercial Christmas, and testify that the Lord Most High CAME to SAVE us, and MAKE US HIS OWN.

    That is what I want to do this Christmas.
    Lord, show us the way!

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