last minute YUMMY

Machine Man is REALLY struggling with the gall bladder flare ups thanks to IV Rocephrine… and yesterday was YET another flare up.. to calm down one of these mighty flares he drinks a “health tonic”

1 T Braggs Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

1 T Raw honey (Raw because enzymes are necessary in calming this matter down)

8 oz filtered H2O

and Blend away.. and then sip it nice and slow… it actually tastes a LOT like apple cider! 🙂

but what’s a guy to do when he’s STARVING and loosing weight like MADD!!!!!! and on a gluten free diet ta boot!!!! but he doesn’t want to stress out this sensitive little organ?

well yesterday I made him some fun soup!

3 containers of Organic Chicken Broth

1 small bunch of green onions finely chopped

1 T lemon juice

ginger (pinch)

red pepper (dried- a couple shakes)

curry (smidge)

garlic (1 clove minimum)

and SEA SALT to taste

I also have some dried soup mix, with parsley, and dried veggies.. i added a VERY small amount of this… VERY SMALL

bring to a boil

drop to simmer and add THAI KITCHEN ‘s  wonderful Rice noodles that are Gluten free!  What we DID learn is … IF you want soup.. you need to eat it as soon as the directions say it is done.. or..

you end up with a delicious noodle dish 🙂

anyways.. it was a wonderfully comforting meal… easy on the gallbladder & the tummy, and it was very very YUMMY!


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