take a walk…

 “Now Faith is being SURE of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see”  Hebrews 11:1

Walks in the quiet of nature’s bliss… cool autumn air wrapping itself around your hands and face and attempting to tickle its way underneath your shirt to cool you down as you walk… The only sounds are of birds and insects and critters off in the distance… you can FEEL the peace surround you.. The air, the calmness, it is soothing…

or does it strike TERROR in your heart…

 knowing that a tick might be here?

I confess… I love to hike.. and dare I say it… I will be damned if I will let some blasted little insect with some nasty disease STEAL from my family the joys of God’s creation.  I will NOT be afraid..  I choose rather to be wise.. please note in the photo above each child wearing MUCK boots… found affordably at our local FARM & FLEET or perhaps it was FLEET & FARM.. i never CAN remember…

They are sprayed up and have been WARNED like Little RED Riding HOOD to


to NEVER leave the PATH, upon possiblity of ……



Baby is thinking THAT is funny, and for OBvious reasons … willing at this time to comply 🙂

There is such beauty to be enjoyed .. even in the simplist of walks… such wonder.. Such glory in the golden grasses to be Marveled at…….. it makes me smile

I can’t get over the color… the texture of these pod things.. really beautiful…

WHAT a glorious RED!  How striking in the fading forest… how it reminds me.. of my tainted Lyme infested blood & of that blood donor… JESUS.. who gave His blood for me…

it is so beautiful to me.

a store house… old, and maybe not even used today… it makes me think of my heart… what am I storing in it? 

 junk?   or treasures?

fear, or faith?

maybe… I need to walk in that bug infested, cobweb old thing… and take a gander.. and do some cleaning… Muck boots, rubber gloves, and all ! 

what about you?


About sweetnika

Home Educator, Loving Wife, Born again Christian, decorating, photogaphing, blogging, reading adventurer, off on an exciting new adventure!
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2 Responses to take a walk…

  1. Mari says:

    Happy Wednesday. I hope you are filled with wonder today again at God’s beauty that He leaves for your pleasure. May the beauty outshine the pain as you realize that this is just a shadow of what is in store for you and your family in heaven.



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