bright hope

“bright hope for tomorrow….”

do you still hope?  I worry at times.. there seem far too many lovely souls who have Lyme Disease who are without it..


it IS what will see you through.. 

I often wonder.. for ME at least .. where lyme starts and stops in my life..

where POTS picks up.. and leaves off..

how my hashimoto’s disease plays into all this ick…

and exactly how these co-infections are involved

With some comprehension (though not extensive) of peri-meni’ issues possibly throwing in their two cents…

I lay my cards on the table.. and wonder… just wonder how it will all play out… I have no answers… who does?  we can’t KNOW what tomorrow will bring…

but hope?  i hope!  my hope is bright… and i feel confident.. Personally, I am not feeling the anger towards the medical community the same WAY some do…

I feel sort of sad… but knowing so MANY fantastic doctors.. many of whom are NOT lyme literate, but fantastic just the same, have really BEEN there for me, for our family…many simply did the BEST they could with what they knew…

and having now.. so many very solid dianoses, managing things this well, by the grace of God… these doctors are supporting me, learning, being challenged to dig deeper.. and like any other area of my life.. I LOVE them through it.. they are people after all… just like me… finite and limited in their understandings.. JUST as I am..

I am encouraged too by the lyme community… and pray that none find this post harsh..

I just HOPE that we, can be as GRACIOUS to those who don’t “get” lyme and company… as we wish they’d be with us…

Peace and love and HOPE for tomorrow, to all of you..

regardless of your illness… lyme, mold toxins, POTS, CFS, the list is long.. but to those wonderful readers who DO visit my site..

you are loved… you are important, and we are praying for you..

🙂  love to all, and hope too !


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Home Educator, Loving Wife, Born again Christian, decorating, photogaphing, blogging, reading adventurer, off on an exciting new adventure!
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