To market, to market….

I have decided to go… in a whole new direction with my meal planning… In the past I would plan meals for anywhere from 2 weeks -60 days.. and buy accordingly… prep all the meals and freeze them… beautiful, practical, and affordable.. BUT… I am NOT that strong anymore.. that sort of effort takes real LABOR, real THOUGHTFUL planning, and foresight…

all of which, I am to tired to consider… THANKFULLY God in HIS wisdom, had us live in France.. where that sort of lifestyle is SO not an option.. There I learned a whole other extreme … buying for 2 days MAYBE 3 and that is all…

We ate WAY more produce… because it was SO fresh, SO lovely, SO tasty.. and we went to the market often.. the street market

beautiful, wonderful, sights, sounds, music, food, and prices!

Wish we had Farmers markets that were THIS terrific here.. none that I have been to in the States are nearly up the standard of awesomeness we found living in Lyon.. but…

I do feel.. based on our new budget, our health conditions, and our need for FANTASTIC, beautiful foods… that I will revert to the French way.. or some would call it the “european” way… (they often do this in Germany too I am told! so I am guessing it’s just a “that” continent thing… or perhaps it IS how the rest of the globe lives.. hmmm perhaps I need to travel more……. yes!)

So that said.. I have thus begun.. I bought enough food for 3 days… and a few “necessaries” and I am on day 4!  it looks like I over plan in my head anyway.. PLUS I feel like I have to use EVERYTHING… because I don’t want to be wasteful.. strange.. when my freezer was jam packed, I don’t think I even THOUGHT about that…

this may be a beautiful thing for our new budget… and MY waistline.. 🙂

ever hopefully yours 🙂


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