dining lessons

when we first arrived in France, eating a  meal at a restaurant drove Machine Man nutzo!  He hated how long each meal took.. “what. are they still trying to catch the chicken?” he’d joke…

Meals in France took a minimum of 2 hours.

For a family that can be in and out of an Applebees in about 45 minutes THAT just seemed obnoxious!

But after a while… we felt better.. we learned we LIKED having to sit there and slowly eat our one course after another.. We delighted in this special time each evening.

coming home to America was like a culture shock!  Now we feel so rushed at restaurants.. so annoyed at the pace, and often our bellies actually hurt… we had learned that being bloated was NOT necessary after every meal… who knew?


do you ever just feel… creative? 

This is a wonderful salad I made when I lived in France..

with the BUDGET crunch my family is in..

sometimes meals can feel boring, dull, and thus .. even an appetizing, delicious meal can seem rather bland

why not get creative with your displays..perhaps show one of your children some cool pictures in magazines, and talk about ways to “dress up” your supper.. with out getting financially fancy

there are wonderful inserts in the most banal of cookbooks, about HOW to jazz up a tomato or cucumber or what have you.. and eating something beautiful, really causes a person to pause.. to relish it.. thus aiding in our digestion.. we chew beautiful foods slower.. we don’t want the meal to end.. this is ALL beneficial to our health.


it adds opportunity to enjoy the beauty that IS real food, a chance to chew slow enough to actually converse during the meal, and listen to another person as we wind down our days…

just thinking..

of ways to re- intoduce those wonderful life lessons BACK into our lives

it might be a nice addition to our meals this holiday season


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