what ever happened to thoughtful discussion?

  ooodles of controversay right now in the world of “lyme disease” … First the harsh article written in the Chicago Tribune, and now another blaster from Forbes… Here is MY humble, simple responce to this madness…

please note… I am NOT an expert, nor am I a physician, scientist or anything ELSE other than what I claim to be…

a wife      a mom       a daughter     a sister     a friend 

a citizen of the USA  

a patient loosing patience

trying to love… even my enemies..

thanks to the Goodness of the GOD in which we trustDeer Tick - not my photo...

I do not claim to be an expert on Lyme… but I do have a book that the American Medical Association put out in 1994. Back when James Todd Was the ex.vp. It is called “Family Medical Guide”… I would like to quote a small portion from tha…t book here. Please note that a lot more has been discovered about lyme… and this book does not go into the various co-infections that many lyme patients are dealing with, such as babesia, bartonella, HHV6, mycroplasma fermentens… JUST to name a few. I have seen wonderful news clips, and even a few television programs touch on these illness, but always as an isolated illness.. The unfortunate thing is, that when bitten by a tick, often times that tick carries with it more than just Bb…
but I wander .. Here is the quote I so wanted to share with you.
“If your Lyme disease is not recognized or treated, you go on to the second stage of the illness in which the disease affects the heart and nervous system. meningitis (inflamation of the meninges, or coverings of the brain and spinal cord) and partial paralysis of the muscles served by the facial and other nerves can often occur the meningitis causes severe headache, muscular weakness, and numbness or tingling. Irregular heartbeat and inflammatin of the heart and pericardium (the heart’s covering) are common. Those who remain untreated move to the third stage of Lyme disease, in which chronic arthritis often develops, usually affecting the larger joints such as knees”

common… usually.. hmm why did they change their stance?
but let me continue with how the little section ends

“Additional treatment may be necessary if symptoms recur. If symptoms of late-phase Lyme disease occur, treatment is usually given with penicillin or cephalosporin antibiotic. Prolonged use of antibiotic drugs may be needed for those with arthritis from Lyme disease.”

can we also acknowledge that this form of arthritis can be much like that of a sufferer of RA. Infact it is often misdiagnosed as such.

There are, if one does the research, and doesn’t just choose to “rant” ones own opinions, other diseases.. which also require long term treatment of antibiotics. Lyme is not the first… it is not the only..

Are there doctors treating lyme patients like prey?
Are there physicians who, are perhaps treating lyme like the disease du jour? Doctors profitting perhaps off very ill people, desperate for relief, and for answers…
yes, perhaps there are… Human nature can lead us down some ugly paths..
but there are also doctors who disagree with changes made to the original “standard of care” for these patients.. there ARE doctors willing to put everything on the line, to LISTEN, and to actually help patients..

perhaps if there was less mud slinging.. we could all work together to sort out this very heated, very controversial mess.


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