yummy yummy birthday treats!!!!

January hosts a whirl wind delight of birthday delights for our home.. Buddy and Baby BOTH have birthdays with in ONE week of each other… THRILL of all thrills, they BOTH have crazy allergies to boot!

Here we have wonderful gluten free, casein free, soy free, nut free brownie mini cakes with amazing icing made by the PRINCESS!!!!! just for the boyz! 🙂  For those of you wondering…

Buddy turned 6… picture to come.. but Baby…. yes.. darling Baby is officially 1 years old!!!!!

Isn’t THAT just the perfect photo! He LOVED the treat, LOVES the chocolate, and digested it all just fine 🙂 ~phew

He also has started to cruise… and got his first little boo boo on his face 😦  he screamed like MAD till I picked him up and then he babbled to me all about is, smiling, and pointing to where it happened, like he was telling me QUITE the story!  He giggled and hugged me, and was clearly unfazed by the boo boo… though I was utterly distraught… (even if he is #4… I am Soooooo the mama!)  He got oooodles of kissed and cuddles, till he smacked me to let me know enough was a enough…

he is certainly NOT going to let me make him a mama’s boy… 🙂 such a toughy! 🙂 so cute..

i can’t believe the boyz are a whole year older… they are such a delight… and so fun to be with…. I am so very very blessed


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