Nibbling on the BIG APPLE

Planes, trains, and automobiles….

We opted out of the planes

and took our family vanster on a Road trip HUDSON NY!

From there we hopped on a train to NEW YORK CITY!

Yep! Five Lymies and that sweet Baby, climbed aboard a big ol’ train

and headed for the BIG APPLE!

We chose Hudson, for several reasons.





We found a SWEET little home to stay at thanks to & 🙂

staying in a hotel or b&b was not an option, and renting a home was very affordable

and offered US the option of a KITCHEN! 

It was WARM and welcoming.. Which felt important to us in regards to kickstarting this part of our healing process

which helps with all our families many food sensitivities

Buddy was … dare I say.. a rather more than his NORMAL excited…

this was a TRAIN ride..

a train ride that followed the HUDSON river!

that would lead all the way


and Dr. Zhang!

Princess and Baby caught some ZZZZzzzzzz’s on the 2 hour ride in to the Big Apple! 🙂

smart thinking

we’d be doing a LOT of walking !


was really ill on this trip..

REALLY really really really emphatically ILL

but EVER the trooper!!!!


ooooo Yummy

“Mom… Why are you taking a photo of the street sign?  What is the big deal about Broadway?”

Stop. In middle of the street. Stare at said child. In utter disbelief. 

Begin pointing out ALL the theaters

so so so so so so many theaters…

“oh… wow… that is cool.. so it’s famous than?

“yes… you could say that”

We are almost there!!!! Pinch me.. My feet hurt!  I am so excited to meet the doctor!

We are all so excited to see the Doctor…

We forgot to get a photo of him!

The visit went wonderful!  So hopefilled! 

We are thrilled to begin protocol.. Excited at what he has to say… So relieved we have come this long long way to meet this wonderful doctor… The visit is long.. but NOT as long as we thought it would be.. He answers all our questions, he teaches us many things… He clarifys so much to us about lyme, and simplies so many other things, that if feels like a fog is lifted..

Like God is answering prayers… and we are infact.. in the RIGHT place..

We don’t feel FEAR.. STRESS.. ANXIETY, or a BURDEN leaving.

but relaxed, and like there is a mission, and we CAN do this

it is NOT impossible .. but totally attainable!!

when we first dreamt of coming to NY it felt IMPOSSIBLE

But we prayed.. and prayed.. after months of doubting..

we decided to put our FAITH in God and not in our fears…

We looked at our finances.. looked at rentals.

and CALLED the Doctor to find out the ACTUAL price instead of letting our imaginations get the better of us.. Rumors of how expensive some of these lyme doctors can be… are simply horrific.. but we decided that once again, that was walking by FEAR, and we needed FACTS to lay on the table before our Lord as we prayed to HIM..

We looked at Gas prices, estimated food allowance

and got a realistic budget..

and saved and sold

and FRIENDs of ours had a crazy last minute garage sale IN NOVEMBER!

to raise money for our family!!!!! IN CHICAGOland!! can you believe???

They ended up with great weather and a HUGE turn out, and the money was an enormous help in getting us over the hump and OUT that front door and on the road to NY City..

and on the road … we believe to total recovery!!!!

One more pretty exciting thing happened..

Princess was so happy because she got ONE thing checked off HER “bucket list”

a “life goal” complete!

she got to see the most beautiful Lady Liberty!!! whom she has so long admired

I can’t tell you how over joyed she was..

and how thrilled I was to have helped her make this happen!

more to come on the actual PROTOCOL! soon!


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1 Response to Nibbling on the BIG APPLE

  1. Kim says:

    So glad to hear you had a great trip and meeting with the Dr. I wasn’t aware of Dr. Zhang before, but he sounds great. I saw Dr. R here in the city for my Lyme treatment for two years and really appreciated him, but it was definitely costly for me. I hope you all enjoyed the trip and all the snow! We were buried in Brooklyn. 🙂

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