the NEW family Protocol…

So… WHAT are we doing… EXACTLY.. with out getting geeky technical about it?

Allicin Capsules – What are they… what do they do??? – Basically.. they are the super smelly part of GARLIC … tecnically (2propene-1sulfinothioic acid, S-2-propenyl ester (allitridi) ) ~phew… try to say THAT out loud.. I can’t… so… I just stick with.. GARLIC…

and yes… it smells… 🙂  What does it do??? One great thing is it has a VERY small molecular weight.. for those of who IN the know.. you GET how AWESOME that is… because it MEANS it breaks the BBB !!!!!!!

for those of you NOT in the know… who are freaking out.. saying the WHAT!!!!!!!!!!

BBB is the Blood Brain Barrier 🙂  and it’s a BIG deal to Lyme Patients.. See Lyme can become neurolyme for a lot of us.. EVEN in children.. and not many meds cross that BBB… and NOT many … in fact MOST are NOT safe for children to take… Allicin IS! 🙂

It has a wide wide wide gammit of anti microbial things it does… “effective against bacteria, mycrobacteria, fungi, protozoa, and certain viruses.” (Lyme Disease and Modern Chinese Medicine… Dr. Qingcai Zhang & Yale Zhang)what does that cover?? anti bacterial…anti fungal (this helps with your candida issues! as well as many other fungal issues)  Anti protozoal effecs (creepy amebas) Anti neoplastic and other effects (tumors), Pahrmacokinetics…

Clinical Apps?  Lyme Disease (anti sprio agent!) Bacterial infections, even Bronchitis, sinusitis, TB, EVEN drug resistant TB! (spread the word!!!!!!!!), Fungal infections,  (Candida and deep fungal infections too!) Even super creepy things like amebic dysentery and other Protozoa infections… because we just DO NOT want those … this even helps with whooping cough.. WHICH I tend to think is super important to know.. because THAT has actually gone around my town the last 3 years running!  (can we just shudder)

So WHY does it have to smell Five????? ok ok Dr Zhang explains that it is the odor creating agent, the Allicin which IS the anti infection agent.. to buy the “odorless garlic” you see at the store… is just a waste of your money…

hmmm valuable info… so we really smell now.. a week and half into this 🙂


This one is three herbs in one… Mucunae caulis, Sargentodoxae caulis, Paederiae caulis This is to help with RA, IBS, SLE, Allergies, rashes, Herxing, Fibromyalgia, and joint pains

Artemesia.. that is fun… it is anti malaria! (can we say 100% cure rate when done correctly?? woo hoo!) Anti babesiosis (his clinic says 40-80 days.. and then people test neg.. rarely do they need a 2nd round!!! LOVE IT!) SLE & LED (diff. forms of Lupus) both kinds see varying forms of remission on this! 

Circulation P Capsule

this one. well it has ooooodles of fun things in it.. you really OUGHT to buy Zhangs fabulous book to read all about it..

it helps with.. you guessed it.. Circulation!  It’s applications are MANY… costal condritis, chronic gastritis, dermatitis, chronic hepatitis, and ooodles of other things..

a LOT of our problems are circulation issues.. even POTS would probably fall under THIS catagory…  IF you stop to think about it… pretty exciting stuff..

We take these three times a day (well 6.. two before breakfast/two with… two before lunch/two with… two before supper/two with) but Buddy only does breakfast and dinner! 🙂  he is smaller … it goes by weight 🙂

We are very excited about our new routine.. to it we are trying to remember to keep taking things LIKE

our probiotic

our fish oil

and.. drink lots of water..

pretty simple… right?

ya.. i know…

pretty wierd!

here’s that book!  go buy it!


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3 Responses to the NEW family Protocol…

  1. I do agree with all of the ideas you’ve presented in your post. They are really convincing and will definitely work. Still, the posts are too short for beginners. Could you please extend them a little from next time? Thanks for the post.

  2. Laura says:

    I know this is an older post but can you tell me how the Zhang protocol ended up working for you? I have just received it but am a big baby about taking pills. I have a lot of cardiac issues with the Lyme and am always worried about irritating my heart. Thank you 🙂

    • sweetnika says:

      Hi Laura,
      There are really not enough words to express how wonderfully these worked for our family.. Dr. Zhang worked with us very carefully, dealing with him specifically was worth the effort. He was NOT expensive like many of the LLMD’s out there today. He was affordable beyond measure, and compassionate beyond belief.. I am still stunned when I stop to think of him… For example when one of my children got heart burn from the allicin, he cut back and added something different to help with the change. We had regularly scheduled phone consultations, where we reviewed and lab work, symptoms and that sort of thing, and then new herbs were sent out.. My husband and oldest son went into complete remission after 9 months of treatment. My younger son and daughter were in remission at about 13 months, and I was about 16 months. When some members were bit by tics again, and showed symptoms of “re-infection” or coming OUT of remission, a simple phone call and two months of herbs put us back on track.. I can’t express how amazing it is, to have a life again. We are thrilled to not live on a couch or in bed. Rejoicing to be part of our community, to be able to do things.. We are all very careful to care for our immune systems, we eat very well, avoiding for the most part any inflammatory foods. We try to not eat processed foods (it does happen now and then, but it is not a habit), we try to get our rest, and drink good nourishing liquids, like water, kefir, coconut water, and other fermented beverages and broths.. As our lifestyle slowed down, our life improved.. As recently it has sped up, each person is showing symptoms again.. We realize we have to be very careful to maintain our health.. Dr. Zhang’s protocol is very much a blessing, it was very specific for each person, and I highly recommend it.. Praying for your swift and complete healing Laura!

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