i saw my heart doctor today..

he said my issues are really benign.. THIS is meant to cheer me to my very core..  🙂

it does.. but.. then again.. it doesn’t..

I am sooooo thankful I don’t have, heart block, heart disease, heart… ick…whatever would NOT be benign.. 🙂

but.. I still don’t like what I do have…

POTS, and that other one.. opps. why do I always forget what it is….

hmm, anyways.. I want you all to know, I LIKE my heart doctor. He is thoughtful, interested in Lyme, and was genuinely excited about Dr. Zhang.  He thinks herbal protocols could be a huge wave in the future, and are definately worth looking into..

HE is lovely..

so there… i have this immune issue.. that causes all these issues.. but they are all .. a pain in the tushy.. and totally BENIGN!

there ya have it!  ~phew … as long as it’s nothing .. you know… SERIOUS


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