Ghee and ME :)


GHEE… and ME.. could it BE.. LOVE and lovely…
gorgeous and glorious GHEE… simpy golden and well.. wonderful!
in glass! not plastic 🙂
from grass fed cows 🙂 HAPPY cows.. as Buddy likes to say…
It is made from the HAPPY cows milk… and it is CASEIN free..

we can spread it on bread, we can saute with it, for it is very stable at high heats.. It is aromatic, and stores well on a shelf! I love love love ghee.. but CASEIN free??? PINCH ME!

casein is the creamy white milk protein that makes butter so lovely… THIS is removed to make GHEE.. or what those of us who went to Culinary Arts School would call “Clarified Butter”… It is heated at low, very low temperatures till the butter melts. Then the “white stuff” floating on top, is carefully skimmed off…. Then the clear, brilliant yellow is poured out… LEAVING milk proteins at the bottom… EVERYTHING about making GHEE (clarified butter) is careful, gentle, slow…. but NOT complicated at all…

Baby is allergic to casein… VERY allergic actually.. and Buddy is getting soooo sensitive to milk proteins that the ONLY way he seems to tolerate ANY dairy is if it is fermented.. LIKE yogurt, or kefir. So for these sweet little boys, getting enough healthy fats into them is VITAL.. It is important for their brain development, and I must learn as much as I can on HOW to help them get the fats they need…

We LOVE Coconut … Coconut milk, Coconut flakes, Coconut yogurt … LOVE.. but.. thanks to lyme wreaking havok in little Buddy’s body, he simply became “sensitive” to this too.. Dr. O. recommended we steer clear of EVERYTHING coconut for a few seasons, and let his body heal some more before attempting to re introduce it…

So… just giving some Coconut oil was no longer an option for him… Because Coconut is technically considered a “tree nut”, and Baby is sooo allergic to sooo many things, we dare NOT even try this JUST yet.. as certain things are TOP allergins.. and the longer one waits to introduce these to a child, the better chance of them NOT developing long term allergies…

That leaves ME hunting for healthy oils.. Now .. YES I could “make it myself”… i know.. I KNOW… I went to school.. I KNOW how.. but really people.. I have a LOT happening, and making Ghee, just isn’t going to work right now.. We need someone to BUY this home, so WE can settle into our new home.. WHEREVER the Lord will lead us to live.. and THEN, perhaps, once settled again, we can DIY the GHEE thing..

for NOW.. I am thrilled to share with YOU sooo excited about this brand! I plan on buying a 6pack soon… I am thrilled this ghee is made in small batches, put in GLASS not plastic, made from happy grass fed cows, and made from NON homogenized milk… THAT is a big deal, as homogenization really stresses out Buddy’s little system…
everything about this brand thrills me to NO end, and it comes recommended HIGHLY from THIS websight
Bee.. has a very helpful site, a wonderful resource, and I have often been blessed by her recipes.. So finding this gem on her site, thrilled me so much I decided I HAD to share it with you!

Here is MY recipe for stove top popcorn… 🙂

*sea salt
*popcorn kernels
*coconut oil

Heat slowly the ghee, and once liquified.. set aside
Heat coconut oil in stock pot (or other large pot)
Add popcorn kernals, cover and shake as needed so that the kernels do not stick but are evenly coated and constantly in motion… shake it baby SHAKE IT! Once it is all popped, drizzle the corn with GHEE, add sea salt, shake some more.. and do this in small amounts again and again, till it just tastes PERFECT!
Sea Salt works perfect, and GHEE works better than butter!!! no ‘greasy” popcorn, but PERFECTLY flavored… and wonderfully NATURAL…
It really does taste better than movie theatre popcorn.. with NO icky feeling in your tummy after, and NO aftertaste either.. just wholesome, and delicious! 🙂

The only time Buddy gets ANY coconut is when we make popcorn (which is not NEARLY enough.. i hear ALL the time)… and only after about 10 months off of coconut.. he no longer reacts at all to it.. and we shall continue to introduce it slowly in this way to SEE how he responds..
I hope learning about GHEE, and knowing that it is a wonderful fat, is a blessing to you.. please check out the link given so YOU can learn even MORE…
and I hope you make some popcorn, and ENJOY life… even if it is often lonely, or strange, or painful, or totally different than all you had hoped and dreamed…
Life is still.. BEAUTIFUL.. and YOU are loved!

praising God for His creativity in creation.. for healthful options for His fallen, and broken, and weary.. Truly the LORD is great, and greatly to be praised….

YEA for Ghee 🙂


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