House hunting …. oi VEY!

Dream homes.. What is YOURS? I love homes with wrap around porches.. LOVE homes with sunrooms (four season preferrably)… but have learned a few things that I NEED to have to .. (ok.. NEED is a stretch.. heat, housing toilets, clean water.. are NEEDS .. but.. beyond that!) I would really really really LOVE to have an actual LAUNDRY ROOM.. not some makeshift spot in the hall, Hidden behind closet doors.. no.. a ROOM for LAUNDRY.. 🙂 (such a brat I am! but there are 6 of us.. and laundry IS the thorn in MY flesh)
I also NEED an entry way.. LET the people IN! I want a bit of space for folks to enter. Perhaps a spot for folks to sit on a cute bench and take a load off, take their shoes off… 🙂 (dreaming here)
I also FEEL like I may need.. dare I share? A MUDROOM.. oh MY 3 boys and a horse crazy girl leaves me with a need to strip them down for tick checks, and hose them and their muck off!!!!! A place for muddy boots and raincoats!
I would also really enjoy having a REAL fireplace, one that works… REALLY works.. a BIG one, that I could cook in if we absolutely HAD to… (crazy dreaming NOW!) also a wood burning stove.. or place to PUT one..
Four bedrooms or more please! (3 is ok, if they are BIG enough for the Boys to have their beds and dressors in) …
and a good kitchen… I’ll take a bad one, IF the house is cheap enough to redo it..
I have to tell you.. those are my dreams.. my wistful, wish I could have some day dreams.. but more than ANY of that.. I want a CLEAN SAFE home…
I don’t mean that I am unwilling to paint, or fix up.. by CLEAN I don’t mean it needs to be spotless… I mean enviromentally CLEAN…

Have you heard of MCS??? I know I have mentioned it before.. It stands for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. I happen to suffer from it.. Buddy happens to suffer from it. Princess suffers from it. It is rather icky.

It IS for us at least, a direct result from our immune system being taxed from Lyme disease. Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella, HHV6, yada yada YADA, and all THAT jazz.. Thank you Hashimoto’s, Epstein Barr Virus, and the countless other red flags that are often considered NO big DEAL to the general public, or to most MD’s.

IT all ends up BEING a big deal though.. when you have ALL those little things (gee ARE they even little.. there is some arguement about that.. but we won’t go there .. not in THIS post anywho.. ) it does certainly FEEL like a big deal… It changes the way you shop, what you wear, who you hug, where you go, where you shop, how you clean, HOW you live…
so is it a 911 sort of issue.. like needing your appendix out (thinking of MADELINE … just read it with Buddy)??? NO it isn’t.. it is a life altering THING-E…

With THAT said.. house hunting is stressful.. We are shopping BECAUSE of our issues, because of our financial situation, and BECAUSE we are now 6 people, and THEY keep growing, and taking up SOOoooo much space.. they just DO… not so much the STUFF.. but THEM.. We don’t have elbow room.. We need a “deal” but who doesn’t in THIS economy.. right? But “deals” today mean foreclosures & short sales…

and you can’t help but wonder.. WHY exactly is this house on the market.. HOW can I protect MY family from some hidden “black mold” issue.. or some crazy previous owner who sprayed for bugs all the time.. ??? How can i KNOW if this is a SAFE home for a family with some immune issues, struggling to HEAL…

How does one BEGING to shop in this way, when it is so different from the way we’ve shopped before..?? How do we start?
We’ve always been quick to see PAST problems, enjoying the “fix it up” situation… knowing we’d get the house at a great price, fix it up affordably and really GET what we like in the end… but THIS??? this is US trying to see inBETWEEN things…

What can we fix up and deal with, and WHAT is beyond our health situation, and (yes annoying) WHAT is just UNSAFE for us to even bother fixing up because of our health.. AND WILL we always KNOW???

can you just see what a JOY we must be to our Realtor??? (giggling)

here is a great article to read if YOU are looking for a starting place.. The site is terrific too.. CHECK it out!
Safe housing House hunters Checklist


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2 Responses to House hunting …. oi VEY!

  1. Jeanne says:

    My brother was my real estate agent. He and his wife showed me at least 100 houses and all within a very small geographical radius. It was really hard. I would walk in and say, “TOXIC” and walk out and my brother would just roll his eyes. He grew to appreciate me, though. Now, he can use me for his buyers. I can tell a bad house by walking into it. There must be an income generator in that skill. . don’t you think?

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