Machine Man… and CHANGE

Machine Man does NOT like CHANGE. He gets stressed if I THINK about painting a new color on the walls… Frets over talks of rearranging furniture, stresses over things that to me are exciting and fun! I love to paint, LOVE to decorate, and move my furniture about..

But I have learned my Man. I LOVE love LOVE my Machine Man.. Mr. Precision… is also, a bit sloppy about things.. like socks on the floor, or leaving his mug out… all those silly things that drive the MOM in me.. a bit crazy 🙂
Because I have learned my Man, and where he is a Precise Person, and where he is Mr. ReLAX, I have learned, like the Nike motto.. JUST DO IT…

I wait till I know, for total certain, that I want to paint a room.. I wait till I am certain of the color.. and THEN, if possible… i just DO it.. I buy the paint, get the supplies and DO it.. or Tell Machine Man what we are doing THAT particular Saturday 🙂
This approach works well.. see.. I think he doesn’t want to THINK about the change.. but once it is upon him, he fully embraces it. Early in our marriage I would ask, and wait, and ask, and then back off, and feel like a NAG, and avoid, and get annoyed.. and then NOT do what ever brilliant IDEA i had had… and feel like really IT was ALL his fault.. at some point it would come up, and HE would look so innocent.. and say.. IF it mattered THAT much to you… you get what I mean .. right?
so I learned..
IF it matters THAT much to me… I just DO it.. IF it’s ok with my budget.. IF it’s ok with my time schedule.. I make SURE & CERTAIN.. and then I proceed…

mind you .. I don’t go knocking walls down… (not yet anyways)

That said… Machine Man has been FRETTING.. pacing, stressed…
He left his place of employment after being there about 11 years!!!
and starts a NEW job MONDAY!!!!!!!

VERY exciting!

But he LOVED his old job. LOVED the people he worked with.. LOVED the work he did there.

so … yes.. you are wondering.. WHY would he leave a JOB he loved, work that challenged him, people who are REALLY terrific, if he HATES change???

* insurance is way way way better…. and Lyme Disease, along with all the other things IT has done in our lives has played total havok with our financial situation… Especially because we HAD terrible Insurance at that wonderful company…

*Closer to home… which.. when your finances suddenly get yucky & your health is yuckier, REALLY matters, because you are tired and WANT to go home to REST, lets face it NEED to get home to rest.. AND with Gas prices what they are, the commute was just soooo hard physically and financially…

So there you have it.. A VERY big way that LYME has altered Machine Mans World… He feels he just needs to DO this.. to be a great provider for us. God is really stretching him, and challenging Machine Man out of some comfort places. It is hard to watch him go through this, but I have this feeling… It really WILL be a good thing 🙂

Pray for him this week.. if ya think about it… New job, NEW people, NEW enviroment, NEW work… new new new.. and he is so stressed about it… Today, he is organizing all his tools, so they are JUST so… (cute!)

I LOVE THAT MAN! 🙂 When I just THINK about what he’s giving up to have MORE time with us, and provide us with BETTER health care… I could just.. KISS HIM!

gee.. I think I WILL!
~chow 4 now!


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