different cultures..

I don’t mean your from France, I am from the USA… my oh my what different cultures we have… I don’t EVEN mean that She’s from Dakar, and I am from Germany, WOW what a culture splash THAT makes… no no no

I mean cultured foods.. fermented.. cultured.. YUM!!!
It is almost MARCH (tomorrow.. tomorrow!) and I am looking at seed catalogs, and… thinking Yogurt, Kefir, Saurkraut..
HOW they are connected???
I don’t know.. somehow the ONE got me thinking of the other.. and I haven’t really figured out HOW.. so just go with me on this 🙂

BUT Food Renegade has a “Giveaway!” and you and I can enter to WIN some wonderful starter sets!!! so exciting 🙂 Check out the LINK to see how you can win!!!!!

I found a neat web site!!!!!!!! I want to share it with YOU!! it is called CULTURES FOR HEALTH
It got me all excited..
now .. I REALLY want to sell this house.. I want to PLANT a garden!!!! I want to plant seeds in my starter sets… heirloom GMO free wonderful veggies, herbs, and even some flowers… ooooh!!!!I want to have a busy kitchen.. busy making YOGURT, KEFIR, Kombucha, and.. sauerkraut… oi vey..

keeping counters DE cluttered and clean is hard enough.. but in the spring.. TORTURE!!!

Dear Lord, SELL this home !!! 🙂 HEAL our bodies, and bless me with contentment in the process, even when my body clock SCREAMS “it’s almost SPRING!” XOXOXOX to YOU! amen


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2 Responses to different cultures..

  1. Martha says:

    When you move, can I move in with you or at least next door to you? I need all those good foods that you are going to make grow and make. 🙂 LOL

    Do you have any healthy recipes you could share? I am allergic to so many foods! What exactly is Kefir? If I am allergic to milk/dairy products, can I have it?

    • sweetnika says:

      Martha, THAT would be so fun! 🙂
      I DO have healthy recipes.. and I will START sharing them here 🙂 Are you allergic to Casein? It is Milk Protein.. or just dairy, or lactose.. or all dairy products.. do you know? I know that is a crazy question.. BUT for example.. Buddy, our now 6 year old, is allergic to Most ALL dairy… he can handle some raw dairy … and some Dairy non homogenized. He can also do great with fermented dairy… (weird I KNOW!!!!!!! go figure) We learned this from research and living in France for a while.. He did great there.. Their cows are grass fed, HAPPY Cows, and we bought Raw Dairy, non homogenized.. IF I couldn’t find the RAW, I just bought non homogenized.. and he did fine.. He can NOT handle the WAY we pasturize our dairy products…
      What is the difference.. hmm Well.. L. Pasture Pasturized at a certain temperature, bringing the milk to that temp, slowly, carefully, so as to not distrupt the product..as to not burn it, and to NOT kill all the enzymes and healthy bacteria.. smart man… Today, thanks to modernization methods they FLASH BURN it, getting the milk super hot super fast, burning it, killing EVERYTHING in that milk… including the healthy stuff needed to digest it… (please be ok with my symplification of ALL this.. silly to blog so vague I KNOW.. do the research !) THEN the homogenize it.. WHAT is that??? basically shaking.. you are thinking “shaking??” for REAL… When you buy milk from a farmer at a road stand, the cream is all at the top, and stuff like butter (super wonderful) practically seals it SHUT.. so before you open it, you SHAKE IT.. right.. we still do this, it’s like instinct. Buy a jug of milk and ya SHAKE It.. Well that is homogenization.. basically.. IN a nutshell.. BUT thanks AGAIN to modern methods and needing to do everything FAST and efficient to make money, they do it in large amounts, and shake that milk Sooooo much, they change the molecular structure… making it impossible for our bodies to seperate the fats/proteins/nutrients etc al… BLAH..
      Hence the big PUSH from the RAW MILK movement… Milk is great for you.. IN it’s natural state.. Buddy can drink it fine we learned when we bought RAW milk and did a science experiment.. we “pasturized it” according to how Louie designed pasturization… we did this for weeks.. with NO homogenization, except our own shaking.. and Buddy had NO issues.. we even made CHEESE!!!! too fun.. When we lived in France.. Buddy could even eat Ice Cream.. Here in the USA, he can’t even have sherbert because of the trace amounts of milk… 😦 it’s sorbet all the way…
      That said… Buddy is very typical of dairy allergies.. Princess is milder than that.. but Baby is allergic to Casein.. that is the protein in milk.. ALL milk. not just the Cow’s milk. Any milk that comes from any “mammal”.. So the only thing he can handle is Ghee, because the proteins are removed from the butter.. He could NEVER have butter on it’s own.. OH MY!!!!!
      That is scary when it slips in somehow..
      Then there is OPA, my dad.. he seems to be suffering from Lactose issues.. but… again this is a NEW issue.. and therefore may be temporary.. IN FACT our doctor believes, several of our doctors believe all of these allergies MAY be overcome.. and may be temporary

      That is why I was wondering if you knew what exactly you are allergic to.. Eating in a nourishing way, can heal our bodies from with in.. and learning more specifically what we are allergic to is helpful as well… One may be allergic to wheat, but not to gluten.. One may be allergic to egg yolk but not the egg white… knowing specifics can be so uplifting..

      now… for the sake of TOTAL silliness, I can SEE that perhaps you did not wish to get into ALL that on MY little blog.. 🙂 (oooops) and you may be very clear about the specifics of your allergies… and THAT would be FAB!!!!! I only thought it would be a good time to mention it.. as until a few years ago.. I really did NOT know.. I know I meet others JUST like me, and I only wanted to encourage.. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! 🙂

      Kefir is amazing.. Tricky to explain.. But depending upon your allergy.. YOU should be able to have it.. It is customarily a way of fermenting dairy.. BUT there is KEFIR water (yum.. seriously like soda, but GOOD for you) and I have even seen people make Kefir with Coconut Milk! I could only imagine we can make Kefir with Rice Milk and other wonders of creation…

      To make Kefir one’s self.. hmmm.. I used to do it.. years ago.. there are two ways.. I don’t have the recipes here, but one uses either grains (which one would need to repurchase again and again from someone) or.. these cool globs.. which is what I switched to.. but.. that is NOT the technical name for them…

      I think this will have to be a post soon! 🙂
      Thanks soooo much for stopping by! Blessings to you Martha in your healing… Recipes.. I am soooo ON IT! 🙂

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