breaking Barriers

it’s a BIG deal to break a barrier.. especially a barrier that most tell you CAN NOT be broken..
because you don’t weigh enough.. because you are too young…
my daughter.. the Princess.. is only 12, she’s a real peanut, and too young for the strong antibiotics needed to cross the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)… and there fore…
she could not have THAT which she most needs.. as a patient who suffers from neurolyme disease…
So switching to Dr. Zhangs protocol is a HUGE leap of faith, and a HUGE thrill…
HIS herbs can break the BBB… they are designed to do JUST that..
they are safe even for someone as young as the Princess..
even as young as Buddy… who takes a lower dose..
its WORKING people…
we are seeing ACTUAL results for the first time..
that eye stuff..
we sent the results from the opthalmologist to Dr. Z… and we had a great and lengthy discussion..
conclusion.. Most likely she is herxing…
herxing in her brain PEOPLE (my terms not his.. he uses fancy dr terms… )
IT’s made it’s way to her brain ALREADY… killing the LYME there already…

have we noticed any other signs of improvement besides
visual disturbances
hearing disturbances
(none of which are encouraging you???)
she is remembering ooodles of things
past things
and recent things..
she can memorize things
sing whole hymns without even picking up a hymnal…
recite Exodus 20:1-17
recite Psalm 1
can tell me everything back that she has read, or that is read to her, (we read a LOT)…
Movie nights … she can remember the beginning of the movie, when it ends….
While she is still struggling with some other issues.. everything is beginning to IMPROVE!!!!!!
and so rapidly…
it’s .. well.. thrilling
we are PRAISING the Lord…
for leading us in this way,
for the many people who encouraged us to follow the prompting of our hearts to go Natural, and follow the way we felt our prayers were leading rather than what logic dictated…
We are so thankful that the Lord led us in this way…
yes it’s only one small victory..
and it may look very very odd..
it’s a barrier…
and we… are at WAR…
it isn’t supposed to be PRETTY…
we are thrilled to get word in from the commander..
that what seemed a huge error, and explosion of some sort…
was! it was OUR side, blowing something up…
and gaining ground…


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1 Response to breaking Barriers

  1. Anne says:

    We are thrilled with you!

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