Putting things.. IN ORDER

So.. as previously mentioned.. Machine Man took a new JOB.. a NEW POST..
with the EXTRA time he has at home, we are attempting to PUT things in order…
when you work oooodles of hours.. and spend all your spare time …let’s rephrase that.. and have NO spare time to speak of,
but are raising 4 lovely blessings
all who have wonderful and unique needs..
physically, health wise, and intellectually.. (they talk their little faces off at all they learn at school… o MY!)
when you come home exhausted, and eat and fall asleep
only to do it all again & again and again
with mounting visits to LLMD’s and fancy specialists in this and that
and therapists for this and that…
and bills for all of THAT
and a house that you own, and has THIS and THAT that needs repairing
and a car or two that needs repairing,
things can get…
BUSY… things CAN become.. messy.. misplaced.. out of ORDER..
out of ORDER by definition in our home being… not in their customary WAY of being..
so now.. that he’s home.. a wee bit more..
we are trying to PUT things back IN ORDER
like organizing those medical bills…
sorting… who we owe… and who just didn’t bill correctly
who needs to ACTUALLY resubmit to our insurance
Calling all these people and figuring out WHO is owed WHAT
can look different that the WHAT they SAY that YOU owe them…
JUST ask your insurance people.. JUST take a second to look at your Insurance claim
The Bible says that the borrower is a SLAVE to the Lender..
and we FEEEEEEEL very much ….
like slaves..
and it sucks!
that said…We want to be FREE!
FREE from this captivity!
to help us in our wee little financial crisis.. ;
we are way pumped about getting out of this “medical debt”….
Dave is SUPER helpful, and very wise about finances.. we hope to pay EACH and every lab, doctor, radiologist, hospital, blah, blah blah & blah back as SOOOOON as possible! and in an orderly fashion too… We are doing everything we can think of… From picking up pennies we see on the street and collecting them, to prepping to have a garage sale as SOON as the weather is warm..
IF I WAS super cool.. I would have figured out EBAY by now..
c’est la vie… I am still not that cool..
perhaps… some day!
Meanwhile we are taking steps.. each day, to sort, organize, call, follow up with, save, send,
PRAY, PRAY and PRAY some more and
are in general
working towards putting things IN order..
it isn’t going to happen in a day..
we didn’t get here overnight
and unfortunately we still have more medical needs…
But God IS faithful.. and HE is seeing us through this all…
what about you??
Have things in your world gotten.. dare i say it.. a bit.. messy.. disheveled? out of .. order?
what proactive steps are YOU taking THIS season of YOUR life to RECLAIM it… to PUT Right that which is gone wrong..?
what are YOU going to do to put things back…
in order?


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Home Educator, Loving Wife, Born again Christian, decorating, photogaphing, blogging, reading adventurer, off on an exciting new adventure!
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