Oh my… where does one even begin? we are so grieving for the people of Japan.. our little home in suburbia is rocked to its core, stirred beyond words at the images we see before us on the internet…
Our God is a MIGHTY God.. His wrath.. is frightening.. His mercies.. amazing.. I am NOT implying.. His wrath was against the people of Japan… I only mean.. He holds the seas in His hands.. He holds US each in HIS hands.. and what I witnessed here, in the comfort
the safety of my home
showed me.. that HE is an all POWERFUL God..
worthy of praise, worthy of worship….
worthy of fear… my goodness…
The FALL of mankind… when it says that “all creation groaned”…. what I see… compels me to believe…
It made me think on the deluge of Noah’s time.. how frightening THAT event in history must have been..
We’ve been suffering here.. (nothing in comparison to our friends in Japan) but suffering with some “plague”… some illness… that has gripped us for some weeks..
we contacted our Dr. Z and he sent some wonderful things.. had them “overnighted” to help relieve and heal us… and THAT they have..
In addition to our daily regimen.. we added 2 pills of Blue Dragon 3 times a day (except for Buddy who took it 2 x daily) and Baby who took none… total 10 days.. we are still on this.. we started Saturday 🙂
Then by nebulizer we took 5cc of liquid Allicin with some watermelon frost… we did this 2 x day for 2 days then 1 x for 1 day we are all done with this treatment.. everyone did 15 minutes.. but Baby who did 5 minutes… he did not like it.. but we cuddled and he calmed if I sang to him
This has been simply amazing.. We had seemed to only be getting worse.. and now.. we seem to be getting better! Much much better.. Though I do seem to be herxing a bit from the additional amounts of allicin in my system..

Plagues.. and floods… economic strains… rioting in the streets, both here and abroad… strange times we are living in.. strange in deed…
and in the midst.. I am so glad.. that I know my God, that He knows me.. that I can Trust Him, even if the world is out of kilter, and things, awful things like Tsunami’s happen.. because in the midst of it… He saves… oh my.. have you heard the many stories of those He has saved… beautiful stories..

It’s clearing my sinus cavities to see them all on youtube.. I cry nearly every day.. stories of families re-united.. babies being found.. dogs being faithful…. crazy stories.. a man being found atop his floating house two miles out to sea… Yes our God is a good and gracious God.

if this post seems scatty.. forgive me.. I am a bit scatty.. my mind is coming out of a fog of illness .. i hope you catch my heart.. forgive the messy way I have written.. and know…that we too, like you are praying for the people.. thinking of them with each meal we eat.. thankful that we have clean food… that we have water.. clean clothing, a home to sleep in.. blankets to keep warm in… oh my… we are so blessed.. how can we even in our stressed circumstances.. how might we be a blessing to them..
let us pray.. for I know our Lord will show us a way 🙂
you are loved!!!!!!


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