eggs, wordpress

i know.. it’s bad.. but.. i just KNOW blogger.. and this is still hard for me to learn.. so… forgive me…
i will work on posting.. more
but right NOW.. we are going to PAINT, color, DECORATE these beautiful eggs…
for easter..
how did I make them so lovely?
here is the deal
gently place ALL the eggs in the bottom of the pan (we make a lot so we used a stock pot)
slowly add cold water to cover all the eggs at LEAST 1 inch…
I add a smidge of vinegar..
I NEVER.. never remember why…
I just do…
I know there is a reason..
but lyme has stolen it from me..
I goggle it.
but find NOTHING..
so if YOU know.. tell me.. (thanks)
I bring my eggs in all that lovely water
to a RAPID boil
and as SOON as it is boiling rapidly
not that piddeling small bubble stuff.. i mean RAPID…
bring to a simmer, and set your timer
to 10 minutes…
as soon as that timer goes off…
put that stock pot in the sink and start running cold water over it. add ice and cold water and slowly move the eggs around…
you want the ones on the bottom to get COLD fast too…

there you have it.
that is it.
sweet and simple..
you do this right.. you will have perfect eggs..
they should NOT crack
they should not have that wierd greenish blueishness about them..
they should go WHITE to beautiful yellow/orange
(depending on your egg)

after that..
in regards to the shell…
it really IS
up to that ARTIST inside of you
coming up soon

About sweetnika

Home Educator, Loving Wife, Born again Christian, decorating, photogaphing, blogging, reading adventurer, off on an exciting new adventure!
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