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Tuesday, January 26, 2010
deep bass & migraines

you know those people who drive with their radios SUPER loud
so you can hear EVERY word of the song that they are listening to…
yes well…
NOT those people..
I want to talk to you about the thudding cars..
where the driver messes with their bass…
and you FEEL the the music 5 cars down…
Where you SEE it visibly MOVING like in a cartoon or something..
do you KNOW the cars I am talking about….?
those cars…
and their drivers
cause me great physical pain..

I once got OUT of my car to tell a guy to
stop it…
he looked afraid..
I suppose I would of looked afraid too…
my kids giggled ALL the way home..
I wasn’t mean about it…

I suffer from migrains..
and THAT sound… or rather frequency…
can trigger one..
they can last from 3 days to 40 days..
they are NOT cluster headaches..
they’ve BEEN studied by the experts..
they are actual migraines…
and I have been hospitalized for them…

I have other triggers..
But for THIS post..
I wanted to write about the thudding
the frequency…
I have had some doctors look at me ..
like I was crazy…
brown banana’s is an acceptable trigger…
so is chocolate,
and well, they have their “acceptable list” if you just ask them…
but “thudding” while in traffic..
just isn’t one of them…
“perhaps the stress of traffic?” comes the inquiry…
“no” i always reply…

I can be sleeping on a long car trip…
and it will rouse me and trigger aura,
and if we can NOT escape it..
I will have a migraine..
There have been other things to…
Floresent lighting… I hear it… and it’s flicker is beyond unnerving…

but mostly…
the thudding..
my last neurologist..
or perhaps I ought to say..
present neurologist…
said… he had “heard” of something like that…
sounds or frequencies triggering…
and THAT is why he’s still on staff
because he didn’t call me nuts..
and guess what!
it SEEMS it has a name!
and it is associated with LYME!
suprise suprise… RIGHT?

Hyperacusis is a health condition characterized by an over-sensitivity to any or certain frequenciesof sound (a ‘collapsed tolerance to sound’). Related to tinnitus, hyperacusis can be acquired as a result of damage sustained to the hearing apparatus, or the inner ear. Though a rare condition, a common cause is overexposure to excessively high decibellevels of sound.

If no auditory trauma was experienced, hyperacusis can also come about due to other neurological causes, or to generally much lesser degrees as a result of extreme stress. Some patients with Addison’s disease(or other endocrine disorders) may be extremely sensitive to sound and light and should avoid all stressful stimuli when symptoms flair.

Hyperacusis is also common in advanced lyme disease due to nerve inflamation and the neurotoxic nature of the spirochetal bacteria. If successfully treated, many lyme patients’ noise tolerance returns to normal. Elevated levels of mercury, lead or other heavy metals may also contribute to hyperacusis in some individuals.


So it seems… it’s not all “in my head”
or rather..
perhaps it IS


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