Allicin! YET another use!

A few weeks back…Buddy developed this swollen eye… we had JUST been getting over what we were referring to as “THE PLAGUE”… it was without definate name, or status.. but it was HORRIBLE.. and we all seemed to be mended, and needing to regain our strength.. when THIS happened.. It isn’t easy to see because Buddy can’t HELP but smile…

a) he really is a happy kid

b) he LOVES the attention a camera brings

c) he feels important knowing it COULD end up on the blog

d) it is a photo.. it could last a LIFETIME.. why NOT smile & look my BEST, I’m a goodlookin kid!

that is OUR Buddy!  So anyways.. His left eye was all swollen and red.. but not at ALL like pink eye.. so I brought him to the eye doctor and… they were NO HELP AT ALL… they hadn’t a clue WHAT might be wrong.. handed me some “saline” and said it really couldn’t “hurt” giving me that LOOK… as if Buddy were Making MORE of this.. than is really neede..

MIND YOU.. this was NOT my normal eye DR… no.. mine was out of town.. this was a YAHOO Substitute of some sort.. I was more than annoyed…
So we went home and I thought to put Buddy under a Steam tent.. To draw out any ICK..

Perhaps His sinus’ were inflamed…

Here he is under his favorite Thomas the Tank Engine Beach Towel…..
Hating me horribly.. and NOT trusting that this might help in the least!!!!!!

(isn’t he sweet!!!!!!)

But WHAT a big improvement… yet it was still too puffy for me… Buddy was tired.. I was tired.. Time for Bed.. Lets see how it looked in the Morning.. Being that it was Saturday Nite.. we wouldn’t get hold of our wonderful DR till Monday anyhow! I had plenty of time to think.. read and PRAY!!!!!

Buddy looked like THIS in the morning…

YEP.. this is HIS trying to look great for the “BLOG photoshoot”

I even had him shut his eyes.. hoping to show you the redness. and HOW awful it looked.. I am not certain my camera REALLY captures it…

so… I prayed.. I had been reading a LOT.. and been so super impressed by the liquid version of Allicin we had used in our nebulizer for our “PLAGUE”… the IDEA… came to me…
a bit of ZHANG.. a bit of an answer to prayer…

ok.. ok.. so I am WAY unorthodox..AND he does NOT have a look of LOVE towards me.. but… I am nebulizing his mouth, his nose and… YES his eye.. with straight liquid Allicin.. it is antimicrobial, antibiotic, and anitfungal.. it’s all I had.. and I figured.. It MIGHT just help… he was sooo brave!

This is what Buddy looked like after the session….
I also Placed a moist chamomile teabag on his eye a couple times…

we did 2 more nebulizer teatments that day… and only two the next…
the following day we went to the library… LOOK at Buddy at the Library!

Looks better to me…
I waited to post this.. to make certain.. that what EVER it was.. didn’t ‘come Baaaaaack’… and it’s been a couple weeks now..
and all is well.. our vision is fine… no redness.. no puffyness. NO eye pain…

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12 Responses to Allicin! YET another use!

  1. Anne says:

    wonderful! so glad it helped Buddy! and thanks for sharing your experiences with allicin.

    your house must’ve smelled very ‘mediterranean’! I am hearing from hubby that the little one and I need more perfumed lotion, and the older one can’t stand being in closed spaces with us….I opted for lavender oil, thinking it won’t clash with the garlic… so far so good….

    • sweetnika says:

      yes… avoid ALL perfumes.. as MCS issues may arise.. but.. Lavendar in its true nature isn’t a perfume.. but an essential oil 🙂 and lavendar is lovely..
      We have the whole FAMILY on it now.. but Machine Man was a bit ick-i-fied by us the week he wasnt on it and we were 🙂 giggles
      eager to visit you and learn how you are doing! 🙂
      thanks EVER so much for the comments.. the blessings and I adore the comments!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Karen says:

    In the very begining with my Lyme issues my face would swell just as your son’s eye did…my eyes would swell, and spots all over my face…they burned and itched so bad the only way to sooth them was with a cool wash cloth…I am so glad your son has improved and is doing better! So sorry he has to suffer like this…God bless you all!

    • sweetnika says:

      Thank you So much Karen! It really is so very hard to watch.. we each have such ODD things pop up… we tried initially the cold compress.. but it was clearly an actual infection.. and was getting worse rapidly.. What a blessing for you to share your experience with me on my blog.. so many of us have so many ODD symptoms.. and we all can be so comforted by knowing WE are NOT alone. 🙂
      Thank you for the many blessings AND for stopping by!!!! 🙂 What a joy to see you here today! May the Lord BLESS you too!

  3. Teri says:

    I wake up with very similar eyes often. But, mine is stupid allergies. When exactly did Buddy grow up?

    • sweetnika says:

      you are sweet.. I KNOW.. when did he get soooo garsh darn big??
      he often gets “pooofy eyes” from his many allergies too… the difference..
      the deepness of the RED
      the fact that it was ONLY one eye..
      and that it wasn’t getting better .. (i failed to mention we did try benedryl dye free— with Buddy it’s generally our FIRST STOP)
      so.. we knew it was progressing.. we also got SOME pus out.. and it was obvious it was infection..
      from some internet researching. on LEGIT sites..
      it looked like a staph or strep infection…

      both can be killed by ALLICIN

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